Monica Bellucci is making the most of Summer

The human race is a funny species who are never happy and almost impossible to please, especially when it comes to the weather. During the cold months, we moan about it being too cold and beg for the Summer and some sun. Then, when the Summer does finally arrive, we moan about it being too hot and wish that it would cool down a little. Every year it is the same.

With that said though, there are some people who make the most of whatever the weather and enjoy all seasons, especially the Summer and the beautiful weather that comes along with it. One such person, who is clearly a big fan of the sun and the Summer months, is the stunningly beautiful actress Monica Bellucci, who has been making the most of her Summer. Monica has taken to her official Instagram account to share a picture of herself with her fans and followers, of herself taking in some sun, and looking absolutely gorgeous at the same time. Along with the picture, Bellucci has added the caption, “

 Heavy black heart️Hope You are all enjoying the summer, my favorite season 🌞. We most certainly are, Monica. When you see pictures of Monica Bellucci like this, it makes it very hard to believe that she is no 51 years old, as she still looks as sexy as ever and would rival women half her age. Whatever her secret is to her youthful beauty, we would love to know it. Keep doing what you are doing Monica, as you look great!

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