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Michael Cera’s Tony Soprano impression is going viral for all the wrong reasons

The Internet is divided

A 12-second clip of Michael Cera doing an impression of Tony Soprano is making the rounds online – and it’s… fine?

“All due respect,” Cera quotes, while putting on an accent that is vaguely North Jersey and just vaguely Italian enough. “You got no fucking idea what it’s like being number one. Every decision you make affects every facet of every other fucking thing.”

The out-of-context clip is from Cera’s upcoming movie The Adults, a comedy-drama written and directed by Dustin Guy Defa. Cera stars as Eric, who plans on making a short trip back home to visit his sisters Rachel (Hannah Gross) and Sophia Lillis (Maggie) but ends up staying a lot longer than expected.

Some people think the impression is one of the worst they’ve ever heard, with one user saying, “I feel vindicated that my Tony impression is actually better than Michael Cera’s.” The same user later had a change of heart, writing: “After watching this 300 times, I feel like I’m leaning towards ‘I love it’ as opposed to ‘I hate it’.” Someone else wrote, in sincerity, “I didn’t know Michael Cera does a pretty good Tony Soprano impression.” We’re sure more heated takes will start to pop up as the clip continues doing numbers.

There’s also a whole plot in The Adults about Cera’s character being an expert poker player… so naturally we’re super curious as to where the Tony impression comes into play. Is he using Tony’s line about being a mob boss to explain what it’s like to be the best poker player in a small town? We’ll be watching to find out.

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