‘Memory’ star Monica Bellucci on co-star Liam Neeson: ‘He is incredibly deep’

Italian actres Monica Bellucci expressed that she loved working with her 'Memory' co-star Liam Neeson as she felt he was 'full of emotions'.

New Delhi: Hollywood starlet Monica Bellucci whose action-thriller film ‘Memory’ co-starring Liam Neeson, Guy Pearce and Taj Atwal among others released on Friday (April 29) recently spoke about her ‘crazy’ role in the film, getting to know her ‘Taken’ co-star Liam Neeson and the experience of aging.

In a chat with WION, the 57-year-old actress spoke about her role as Davana Sealman, a philanthropist and businesswoman involved in crimes.

She said, “I was excited to play this role. I have not played many where I am the antagonist. There are some aspects of Davana’s life where she is a good human being, but there’s other times where she is a monster. Playing this duality interested me. For this role, I wanted to break the mould in which I have been cast most of my life. I gained some weight and the lighting and makeup also contributed to the creation of this new type of character for me.”


Monica expressed she had a great time working with renowned star Liam Neeson as he is ‘full of emotions’ and ‘incredibly deep’.

Speaking about him, she said, “He is full of emotions. He is a man who is incredibly deep. We talked about so many things. He is very human. I felt someone so sensitive and delicate, and I liked talking to him very much. I think it is beautiful to have a human relationship with people who you work with.”

In the trailer of the film ‘Memory’, Monica’s character Davana tries to delay aging and live upto 135 years. The Italian diva said that she doesn’t relate to Davana as she believes aging is a good thing.

Personally, she said, it ‘opened up new opportunities’ for her to play novel characters. “Playing Davana Sealman in ‘Memory’ was a key to a new door for me to open,” she said,

The film ‘Memory’ directed by Martin Campbell released in theatres on April 29.

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