Little House on the Prairie

Melissa Gilbert Shares Rare Behind-the-Scenes Look from ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Set

It’s throwback Thursday! And, Little House on The Prairie star, Melissa Gilbert threw us back to the good ole days in her recent Instagram post.

In the Thursday evening Insta photo, the longtime actress shared a picture of herself onset of the iconic television series. The series aired on NBC from 1974 until 1983.

Gilbert didn’t have to say much in her throwback Insta post. Hashtags were really all that she needed.

It’s a fun photo for fans of the hit series to observe.

The Insta pic features a young Gilbert sitting in one of the on-set chairs working intently on something while between takes. Members of the cast and crew mingle about behind the young Gilbert while she is hard at work.

It’s a neat fusion of past meets present with the Little House on the Prairie cast and extras are dressed to reflect the era of the show; while members of the crew mingle within the crowd wearing their everyday garb.

Gilbert Finds Fame Through Little House on the Prairie

Melissa Gilbert first found fame when she landed the iconic role of Laura Ingalls Wilder” in the Little House on the Prairie television series. The popular NBC drama was based on the real-life memoirs of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Gilbert starred alongside the late Michael Landon on the hit television series.

Little House on the Prairie followed the Ingalls family as they settled into life on the range. The family’s patriarch, Charles Ingalls (Landon) was a man of great wisdom, humor, and love as he led his family into life as they settled into their homestead.

While the show is based on the wildly popular book series penned by Laura Ingalls Wilder, the Little House On the Prairie television series does step away from the pages of the books quite often. With over 200 episodes in the entire run of the series, this was a necessary move to find enough material to fill each one of the one-hour episodes that aired during the show’s nine-year run.

While Gilbert did find further roles in Hollywood after portraying Laura Ingalls Wilder, this role would ultimately become the most iconic one of her career. The show ran for over a decade and found new life for decades in syndication.

Additionally, Little House On the Prairie also spawned multiple television specials and movies.

Finding Roles Beyond Laura Ingalls Wilder

While the role of Larua Ingalls Wilder may have been her most iconic, Melissa Gilbert did find quite a bit of success into adult-hood.

From television shows, films, and even a few made-for-TV movies, Melissa Gilbert has spent quite a bit of her career in front of the television and film cameras.

Over her career, Gilbert has found roles in shows such as Touched by an AngelSweet Justice, and Babylon 5.

Gilbert moved audiences with some of her most memorable performances portraying Anne Frank in The Diary of Anne Frank. Gilbert also found marked success portraying Helen Keller in the iconic film, The Miracle Worker.

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