‘M*A*S*H’: Alan Alda Had Planned ‘Hawkeye’ and ‘Hot Lips’ Houlihan’s Relationship from Beginning

M*A*S*H fans probably remember the passionate kiss Hawkeye and Margaret shared on a night both thought they’d die in a bombed-out hut in enemy territory.

It made sense that Hawkeye, the womanizing surgeon of the 4077th, would make a move on Margaret, the head nurse of the M*A*S*H unit. Plus, Margaret did have flings while stationed in Korea. But she got married and wanted to stay true to her husband, Colonel Donald Penobscott.

But finally, the male and female stars of M*A*S*H hooked up. Alan Alda wrote the episode and co-directed it. The episode was called Comrades in Arms. It ran on Dec. 6, 1977, nine months after Margaret got married to her colonel.

Loretta Swit, who was so brilliant as Margaret Houlihan, shared some behind-the-scenes M*A*S*H details with Australia’s Studio 10 back in 2015. Of course, her night with Hawkeye (Alan Alda) was a hot topic.

“Alan and I were very, very close,” Swit said. “We were such a family, I can’t describe it – you had to be there. But Alan told me he had written that [episode] with the idea for quite a while before we actually did it. And Gene Reynolds [M*A*S*H executive producer] felt that the audience might not be ready for that in the earlier years. We really needed to grow into [when] they believed this could happen. And so we did finally do it. God, I loved it.”

In M*A*S*H Episode, Margaret and Hawkeye Fear They’re Going to Die In Enemy Territory

In the M*A*S*H episode, Hawkeye and Margaret visit another medical unit. Their jeep breaks down in enemy territory. The two spend the night in a hut as bombs fall around them.

Margaret gets hysterical and Hawkeye helps calm her. Margaret tells him she accidentally found out her husband was cheating on her. So for one night, thinking they would die, they slept together.

Loretta Swit’s character evolved on M*A*S*H. Swit said she pushed for Margaret to remain strong. She also made sure other female characters were well written.

“I kept demanding that they keep her integrity as a head nurse,” Swit told Studio 10. “When we talked about character work to the writers and producers (she’d say) she’s the best damn nurse in Korea and I’ll never settle for anything less than that. I can be funny, but I still can have integrity.

Swit continued: “There was a [M*A*S*H] episode I had to fight for because they wanted me to transfer a nurse because she was too attractive and she was too distracting. And I said ‘I can’t do that. I can’t sacrifice a good nurse because she’s attractive.’ First of all, the nurses in Korea were all volunteers. so they weren’t easy to get. So I had to give up a nurse? No. It was a bit of a tug.

WATCH: Blake Shelton Gives Rousing Rendition of ‘Come Back as a Country Boy’

written by Suzanne Halliburton April 13, 2022


Blake Shelton stopped by the Kelly Clarkson Show and sang a lively rendition of his self-described country music anthem dedicated to hard-working people everywhere.

If you missed Shelton’s recent appearance on Clarkson’s daytime talk show, Outsider has you covered. The two stars are coaches on The Voice and good friends off the set. Here’s how Kelly Clarkson introduced her fun-loving friend:

“Sure, my next guest has dissed me in public and stoked some serious bickering,” Clarkson said of Shelton, who loves to tease her on their reality singing competition.

“But I know deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep down he adores me. Just gotta dig for it.”

Then Blake Shelton brought out a band and his backup singers for an acid hot rendition of “Come Back As a Country Boy.” The song came complete with a swirling red and gold light show. We’ll explain after you check out the performance.

Did This Blake Shelton Rendition Look Like the Music Video?

Did you enjoy Blake Shelton and his song that featured fire as his co-star? Shelton released the song, his third single off of the deluxe edition of “Body Language,” last October. Call it Shelton’s version of a country reincarnation tale.

In a press release for the song, he described it “as an anthem for everyday hardworking country people. We have so much pride in who we are … If we ever died and got the chance to live life over again, we probably wouldn’t do it if we couldn’t be country.”

The music video for the song explained it far better. Shelton started off as fiery comet coming back down to Earth. He smacked down in the middle of a bonfire burning on his Oklahoma ranch. And his video featured all the things his country boy self loved about where he lives. There were images of his truck, dusty back roads, fishing, chainsaws and hauling dirt. Of course, there also was a loyal dog sitting beside him as he rocked on the porch.

Shelton Became Country Boy Again When He Put On His Cap

When he emerged from the comet in the middle of the bonfire, Shelton put on his cap and turned back into himself.

“I knew I wanted to do something authentic to me,” Shelton said in a video that explained the official music video. “And every time I say that, my first response is well, I need to do it at the ranch, I need to do it in Oklahoma.”

There’s also a touch of Marvel superhero in the video. “Why can’t just a country guy have superpowers?” Shelton wants to know. “Now wouldn’t that be cool if just a good ol’ country boy could do things like, you know, push over a giant tree, or with just one swath of his hand, rake up an entire river up on the bank?”

The song reached No. 12 on the country music airplay list and 18th on Billboard Hot Country chart.

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