‘Married… With Children’ Star Opens Up About Show’s ‘Shocking’ Cancellation

"The fans are really the ones that got kind of screwed over," says David Faustino.

For “Married… With Children” star David Faustino, playing wisecracking son Bud Bundy on the provocative series was something of a dream. Though Faustino wasn’t quite as outgoing as his character, he and the other stars often seemed as close as a real family, and, as Faustino tells “Oprah: Where Are They Now?”, it was the camaraderie and talent on set that made “Married… With Children” a work experience they always wanted to continue.

“It was such a well-oiled machine and so easy and so much fun and we got along so well that I don’t think that any one of us were ready for it to end,” Faustino says. “We were like, ‘Let’s just ride this thing until the wheels fall off.’”

However, the network felt differently. After weekly episodes of the popular show had aired for 10 years, ratings reportedly declined and FOX cancelled “Married… With Children” in a manner that Faustino found extremely abrupt.

“It was pretty shocking,” he says. “They made just a real hard, cold business decision, like, while we were shooting the last season. It was like, ‘Oh, no, we’re cutting it. That’s done.’”

As upset about the cancellation as Faustino and the close-knit cast were, he says that there are others who also took the news pretty hard ― and still do, to this day.

“The fans are really the ones that got kind of screwed over,” he says. “They didn’t get any resolution or end or something cool as a last episode. Fans are still pretty ticked about that.”

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