Married With Children Cast Then & Now (In Pictures)

Married with Children was an iconic sitcom, and though the cast members have moved on to other projects, their time on the show won't be forgotten.

If you grew up during the ’90s, there are high chances you spent some hours watching Married With Children, one of the most popular sitcoms of the decade. The show was responsible for putting talented young actors such as Christina Applegate under the public eye. The main cast remains active and has engaged in several successful projects after the show ended.

Married With Children also gave smaller roles to actors who would become extremely popular that decade, such as Matt LeBlanc. It has been 23 years since the last episode was aired. Here is how the cast looks like now.

10Matt LeBlanc

No, you are not in the wrong list. Matt LeBalcn might have become a familiar face for most of us thanks to his role in Joey Tribbiani in Friends, but his career on television did not start there. He played Vinnie Verducci in three episodes in Married With Children. The boy had a short relationship with Kelly.

The character became a regular on the Married With Children spin-off, Top of the Heap, but the show did not work out and just had seven episodes. However, it did not affect LeBlanc’s career.

9Keri Russell

Keri Russell was in just one episode of Married With Children. She played April on the episode Radio Free Trumaine in 1995. The actress was only 19 years old and was starting her career. A few years later, she would become one of the most famous faces on television thanks to her role as Felicity, and she even received a Golden Globe for it.

Although she is not a recurring character, it is interesting to notice that two prominent names on television during the ’90s were on the show before they got famous.

8Harold Sylvester

Harold Sylvester plays Griff, Al’s best friend, and a recurring character on the show. He appears for the first time in season 9 and remains on the cast until the show ends. Griff and Al have many similar characteristics, including how they deal with work and how they perceive women. Both are members of NO MA’AM at the shoe store.

Sylvester had recurring characters on Walking Tall, Today’s F.B.I., Mary, and Shaky Ground. He also had roles in some movies, and his last work was on Nolaw in 2006.

7Ted McGinley

Ted McGinley played Jefferson D’Arcy, and his character was responsible for making him a household name. McGinley is Marcy’s second husband, who married her for money. Despite the funny lines, the character is selfish and lazy. Marcy got married to him when she was drunk and was in shock when she found out what she did. Some people say he is a male version of Peggy.

McGinley started his career as a model. He was also part of other successful shows such as Happy Days and The Love Boat.

6Amanda Bearse

Amanda Bearse played Marcy, Peggy’s best friend, who doesn’t get along with Al at all, although they can show sympathy for each other from time to time. She worked in a loan office, together with her first husband, Steve. When she marries for the second time and becomes the breadwinner, and that makes her closer to Al since she feels she can relate to him.

Bearse is an actress, director, and comedian. Married With Children made her famous, and she had multiple roles after that. Her last work was at Anger Management in 2013.

5David Garrison

David Garrison plays Steve Rhoades, Marcy’s first husband. He is a mortgage broker, and it is clear that he is not comfortable with her wife earning more money than he does. He is a recurring character until Season 9 when he leaves the show in the first episodes.

The actor decided to leave the show to dedicate more time to theater, his passion. He was part of some prestigious plays on Broadway, but we can still see David Garrison on television. After Married With Children, he was part of several other shows such as o Law & Order, The Practice, Without a Trace, Everybody Loves Raymond, NYPD Blue, Judging Amy, Murphy Brown, Murder, She Wrote, L.A. Law.

4David Faustino

David Faustino played Bud Bundy, the youngest son of the family. For his family, he is considered a smart guy because he finished high school and wants to go to college. Unsurprisingly, he has a conflicted relationship with his sister Kelly, as many teenage siblings have at home.

This was the most popular role in David Faustino’s career, but it doesn’t mean he was not working a lot. He was on several T.V. shows and films, his last appearance was at Bones, as himself. He is a radio host of Old Scratch Radio at the moment.

3Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate plays Kelly, the oldest daughter of the family. She is portrayed as dumb and sexy, and this stereotype would probably not be welcomed today. She is also a fan of Garfield, and she often reads the words wrong when she is reading it.

Married With Children was the first big role for Christina Applegate, who had one of the most prominent careers on this list. Her paths crossed with Matt LeBlanc again on Friends, when she played Rachel’s sister. The actress is currently the start of the Netflix show Dead to Me.

2Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal is a writer and actress. She plays Peggy Bundy, the mother of the family. She is portrayed as lazy, sexy, and loves to spend the money of her husband on expensive and unnecessary things. This is another character that would need a different approach if the show was released today. However, Peg is a great mother and a loving wife. She is also a great friend to her neighbors.

The actress received four Golden Globe and two American Comedy Award nominations. Before becoming an actress, Katey Sagal was a talented singer and was bob Dylan Backing vocal. After the show, she appeared on several other projects, but we all remember her as Peg.

1Ed O’Neill

Ed O’Neill played the unforgettable Al Bundy, the father of the family. He works as a shoe salesman and is proud of his past as a football player. He is very sexist and created the NO MA’AM, an anti-feminist group. Unsurprisingly, producers would need to change lots of things on Al if the show was running today.

Ed O’Neill has a successful acting career, and the younger generation probably knows him better as Jay Pritchett on Modern Family.

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