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‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Wishes Granddaughter a Happy First Birthday in Sweet Post

Melissa Gilbert of the classic TV show Little House on the Prairie is wishing her granddaughter a sweet happy birthday. Well, it’s her first birthday so you’d expect the tender words to flow. They do. Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls and has a new book out, posted her thoughts and a picture on her Instagram account.

Gilbert writes, “Happy first birthday Ripley Lou! Nana and Papa love you sooooooo much!!! #proud nana #nanapint #backtotheprairie #backtotheprairiebook @timbusfield @martobes”. The shoutout to Busfield is in reference to her husband, actor Tim Busfield.

Melissa Gilbert Of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Is Battling COVID Right Now

Fans were chiming in with their good wishes, too. One writes, “Awwww, what a doll!!! She’s beautiful and looks like a Gerber baby!! God bless!!!” Another one says, “She’s so adorable! I love her bright eyes. Dreamy. Happy Birthday, little lady.” They were digging this tender picture on a Wednesday afternoon. If you have been keeping up with Gilbert, then you know that she’s been dealing with COVID lately. But she’s keeping everyone in the loop about what’s going on in her health situation.

A recent social media post had Gilbert saying that she was feeling “squingey.” Well, that’s what she was saying about herself and her voice. In another Instagram post, she would say, “My body feels like it’s fighting a battle. And, I guess it is. So, there ya go.” With all of her work in the world of show business, it might make people shake their heads to know she’s living away from Los Angeles. She and Busfield live in New York state these days. Gilbert does not miss Hollywood.

Memories of TV Father Michael Landon Are Still There For Actress

In an interview with Next Avenue, she says, “I don’t miss Hollywood. I miss my relatives and friends in Los Angeles…terribly. I wish I could see [my friends and family] more often.”

For those who love the classic TV world, Gilbert still holds fond memories that make her smile of Michael Landon. He played her father Charles Ingalls on the NBC family drama. She talked about him in an interview with Fox News. “Right now, just hearing his name, the first thing that came to mind was him sending me to catch a little frog by the creek so he could pop it in his mouth,” Gilbert said. “He would go over and say hi to a group of fans that would stand by the side of the set and let the frog jump out of his mouth at them. That was Michael Landon.”

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