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‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Talks Ditching the Hollywood Mindset

While promoting her new book, “Back to the Prairie; A Home Remade, a Life Discovered,” star of the classic TV series “Little House on the Prairie” Melissa Gilbert opens up about ditching the Hollywood mindset.

“I grew up in an industry that values the outsider considerably more than the inside,” Gilbert revealed to People. “And I was caught in that wheel of trying to stay young.”

Gilbert then shared that she finally woke up and wondered what exactly was she doing. “I looked like a carrot top. And I’m not happy. My mindset was, ‘You have to stay thin. You have to be seen in the right places. Wear the right shoes. And drive the right car.’ That was so drilled into me by all the outside forces. But it never sat right.”

After decades in Hollywood, Gilbert decided it was time to embrace a more natural lifestyle. The actress admits she’s never been happier. “I was always trying too hard to fit the mold that someone else wanted. I’m finally happy in my own skin. I’m so grateful and relieved. And so much happier.”

As previously reported, Gilbert’s new book “Back to the Prairie” gives readers an inside look at the actress’ journey from Hollywood to a ‘ramshackle house in the Catskills” during the COVID-19 pandemic. The book’s description reads, “She trades Botox treatments for DIY projects, power lunching for gardening, and raising chickens. And soon her life is rediscovered anew in her own little house in the Catskills.”

Gilbert’s new book is going to be available on May 10th.

Melissa Gilbert Declares She Finally Feels Comfortable in Her Own Skin

While also chatting with People about her approach to aging, Melissa Gilbert declared she is finally feeling comfortable in her own skin. “I cut off all my hair and quit doing Botox and all that stuff,” Gilbert explained. She also revealed that she experienced a “reawakened love” for the outdoors. 

Gilbert previously spoke to First For Women about the effects Hollywood had on her throughout the years. “There’s this mentality in Hollywood of not allowing women to age or gain weight or to simply be themselves. I’m grateful to my body for holding up through some major health issues and serious surgeries.”

The actress further recalled her experiences with trying to avoid the aging process. “I went down the road that everyone else does. Nose job, boob job, fillers, and Botox. But no more! I had my breast implants removed. And I’m no longer doing fillers or Botox. Because I’m a [then] 53-year-old woman and I’m trying to embrace this process of aging.”

In regards to how she sees her body now, Gilbert added, “Right now, I’m physically pain-free and relatively healthy and strong. I have the joy of being able to work on these incredible projects. And live a life of fun and freedom with a man I adore. Who cherishes and adores me back. By and large, the body image thing doesn’t come into play anymore.”

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