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‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Recalls the Disturbing Items Found in Her Cabin

It’s one thing to find some strange items in your new house when you purchase a fixer-upper. However, things couldn’t possibly be any weirder than what “Little House on the Prairie” star Melissa Gilbert found after she and her husband purchased their cabin in the mountains of New York. In a new interview, the classic TV actress revealed some of the most disturbing items she found when redoing their cabin in the woods.

According to Fox News, Melissa Gilbert’s little home is a rustic cottage that sits on 14 acres of property in the Catskill Mountains of New York, similar to the one she occupied in “Little House on the Prairie.” And while it houses her and her husband Timothy Busfield just fine now, what she found upon purchasing it is nothing short of nightmarish.

“It was full of belongings from the previous owners,” Gilbert told Next Avenue. “There were boxes of cereal in the pantry, shampoo and bars of soap in the shower and rotting deer heads on the walls. Every corner had something in it.”

That’s not all though. Even more unsettling, she revealed, “Bottles of holy water everywhere, which I didn’t know if I want to understand.”

Things became even more interesting as she and her husband began stripping the place to make it their own.

“[I]n tearing it down and moving things around,” Gilbert added, “we found porn, we found hidden bottles of booze – of course, to go with the holy water.”

“Gotta have balance!” she quipped.

Despite it all though, the “Little House on the Prairie” actress revealed their cabin is liveable year-round and that it has all-new plumbing and heating.

Melissa Gilbert Kept These Props From the Set of ‘Little House on the Prairie’

Rotting deer heads and bottles of holy water might not make for the most attractive decor, however, perhaps Melissa Gilbert instead chose to display some of the props she kept from her time on “Little House on the Prairie.” In one of her earlier publications, My Prairie Cookbook: Memories and Frontier Food From My House to Yours, the Laura Ingalls Wilder actress revealed what some of those props were.

“I have Pa’s fiddle,” Gilbert wrote. She continued, “[I also have] My script from the pilot, my red dress from the end credits, [and] Victor French’s (Isaiah Edwards) hat and shirt and shoes.”

Melissa Gilbert revealed, in a later publication, more props she decided to keep from her “Little House on the Prairie” days.

One of those was a sign that read “The Wilder’s Room & Board.” Another memorable keepsake is the sheet music for “Little House on the Prairie’s” beloved theme song. Written by David Rose, the sheet music boasts his autograph.

While Melissa Gilbert clearly leads a new life from the one she inhibited shortly after “Little House on the Prairie” ended, the iconic series nevertheless still means a lot to her.

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