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‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Explains How the Series Lives on From Generation to Generation

When it comes to classic TV, Little House on the Prairie has a special place all by itself and, in a sense, so does Melissa Gilbert. The actress famously played Laura Ingalls on the NBC family drama alongside Michael Landon and Karen Grassle. It’s hard to believe that the show’s continuing to get new eyes on it all the time. That’s one of the great things about looking at the history of a show like Little House on the Prairie. But Gilbert, who also has written books about her life and career, has an interesting point to make about hearing the word legacy.

“When I hear the word legacy, I think of something that was left behind,” Gilbert says in an interview with Emmy TV Legends. “And it’s really hard to think of something left behind because the show lives on, on television all over the world. And there are generations of kids who are watching it all over again.

Melissa Gilbert of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Says Show Leads Kids To Read Wilder’s Books

“Or watching it for the first time, now, and the stories are beginning for them again,” she says. “The TV show’s getting these children to read the books [of Laura Ingalls Wilder] or vice-versa. They’re discovering it generation after generation after generation. So, the legacy lives on in that it’s still there and it still has that same meaning.”

These days, you can find Gilbert hanging out with her husband, actor Tim Busfield, in their home in New York state. She’s left the Hollywood lifestyle behind for a different type of life. Gilbert still does work as an actress, but she also is working hard at simplifying her life. Of course, her famed television show follows her after all these years from its time on network TV.

Gone are the incessant needs to keep up with other actresses with Botox or additional work. Gilbert has grown quite comfortable in living a life that’s away from the constant spotlight of show business. She talks about this and much, much more in her latest book, Back to the Prairie: A Home Remade, A Life Rediscovered. Busfield, in fact, writes the forward to his wife’s book and gives it rave reviews.

Actress Feeling Better After Her Recent Battle With COVID-19

For those who do keep up with her on social media accounts, then you know that she’s been battling COVID-19. That’s all in the past now, though, as Gilbert is much better. Recently, she wrote on an Instagram post: “Annnd…I’m back! Back cooking in the kitchen. Back into my life! Sore throat is finally gone! Several days of testing negative. Soooooo much better.” Oh, she also shared a photo of her food with fans, too.

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