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‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Asks for Prayers for ‘Sweet Friend’ and His Family in Ukraine

“Little House on the Prairie” star Melissa Gilbert is speaking out about the incredibly tense and dangerous situation happening between Ukraine and Russia. It’s something that has the whole world turning its head.

Gilbert reshared a post that Maksim Chmerkovskiy put up on his own Instagram account. He is a popular Ukrainian-American dancer on “Dancing With the Stars.”

The “Little House on the Prairie” star wrote with the post, “Reposting from my sweet friend @maksimc. Please say prayers for him, his family and all the people of #ukraine”

In the video he shared, Chmerkovskiy is standing on a balcony in Ukraine sharing what is going on in his area. The video starts with the sound of military sirens in the distance.

“Honestly, I’m getting really emotional, it’s been a little difficult. You know me, I stay strong and I don’t show it, but I want to go back home. I realize that I have a different passport and my family is far away,” Chmerkovskiy says while visibly getting emotional.

He shares just how hard and gruesome it is. He wants to leave, but it’s difficult considering his friends and family can’t just walk away. Chmerkovskiy goes on to urge the people of Russia to stand up against these acts of violence. He calls the entire situation the “actions of one man.”

He also calls out the Russian propaganda efforts that are portraying Ukraine in a certain light in order to try to justify these attacks.

The “Little House on the Prairie” star met Chmerkovskiy during Season 14 of “Dancing With the Stars” when she was a competitor. She was paired with Chmerkovskiy and she was able to finish in fifth place in the competition.

The Current Situation in Ukraine

The “Little House on the Prairie” star is amongst millions of people wishing for the well-being of Ukraine as Russia attacks.

It seems like things took a drastic turn this morning.

According to CBS News, there were explosions heard from the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. The Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called it “horrific Russian rocket strikes.”

Residents of the city have also been posting videos online of Russian tanks driving through the city. Daunting videos also show as missiles light up the sky and gunfire and air raid sirens are heard from the capital.

Kuleba also appeared on TV and said that Vladimir Putin was waging “a war against Europe.” Right now, Ukraine is doing everything in its power to prevent a complete Russian invasion. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has stated the U.S. is prepared to interfere. He also said Putin is choosing a “premeditated war that will bring a catastrophic loss of life and human suffering.”

Ukrainian civilians are volunteering to defend the city. So far, the Ukrainian president shared that at least 137 people were killed during the first day of Russia’s attacks.

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