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‘Little House on the Prairie’ Icon Melissa Gilbert Remembers Peter Scolari with Beautiful Tribute

Today, fans and friends of Peter Scolari were shocked to learn that the prolific actor had lost his two-year battle with cancer. And after hearing the news, heartbroken stars, including Little House on the Prairie actress Melissa Gilbert, went to social media to express their deepest condolences and mourn their friend.

Peter Scolari and Melissa Gilbert had grown to be close throughout their respective careers in Hollywood. So when Gilbert learned that her friend passed, she felt the loss hard.

“This one really hurts,” the actress wrote alongside a photo of Scolari on Instagram.

“@timbusfield and I loved Peter so very much,” she continued. “He was an all-around good guy and a deeply gifted actor. He was also a really terrific friend. “

Gilbert went on to wish the Emmy Award-winning actor’s family well as they navigate through their grief.

“All our love and prayers to Tracy, Nicholas, Joseph, Keaton, and Cali as well as everyone who, like us, knew and loved this wonderful human.”

‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Remembers Father Who Took His Own Life

Sadly, Melissa Gilbert is no stranger to loss and grief. Throughout her life, She has watched many loved ones pass before their time. Two of those people were her onscreen father, Michael Landon, and her real-life father, Paul Gilbert. And Gilbert did not know the truth about Paul’s death until she was an adult.

Paul Gilbert was a celebrity in his own right who spent nearly two decades acting on both the big and small screen. And in 1973, Paul passed away. For years, everyone, including his family, believed Paul had died from a stroke. But his daughter learned much later in her life that he had committed suicide.

On World Mental Health Day, The Little House on the Prairie actress remembered her father on Instagram in a heartbreaking post.

Paul Gilbert was injured while serving in World War II. And he lived in excruciating pain. For years, he pleaded with doctors to help control his pain. But no one helped him. So he took his own life to end his suffering. And Gilbert hopes his story will teach people to “listen to each other” and “be honest.”

“Today is #worldmentalhealthday,” she wrote. “My father died by suicide when I was eleven years old. He threatened to do it for a year before he finally put a gun to his head.

Gilbert urged everyone to listen when their friends or family make threats against their own lives or ask for help. Because if someone has listened to her father, he may have lived a long and comfortable life.

“Don’t brush things under the rug. Be there, she added. “Be honest. Love one another. Help. End the stigma.”

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