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‘Little House on the Prairie’ Fans Pour on Well Wishes for Melissa Gilbert After ‘Intense’ Surgery

On top of her new play currently going on in Chicago, “Little House on the Prairie” star Melissa Gilbert is also in the process of recovering from an intense surgery.

Gilbert recently shared with her Instagram followers exactly what’s going on with her health at this moment. She wrote, “I had a pretty major dental emergency yesterday and wound up having some intense oral surgery. Dental implant extraction and bone graft … They were phenomenal and the procedure really was virtually painless.”

The sudden dental emergency left some of her fans concerned. Now, however, fans of Melissa Gilbert and “Little House on the Prairie” are sharing their well wishes with the actress.

Popular celebrity jewelry designer Rona Pfeiffer wrote below the post “Feel better.” Many of her other fans also wrote that exact same message to Gilbert. Another fan acknowledged the fact that she must heal while also performing in her play.

“Ouch. Hugs to you brave woman. I certainly hope you heal quickly so you can ‘break a leg.’” Another fan sent their well wishes and happy holiday message to the “Little House on the Prairie” star. “I sure hope and pray your recovery is going great! Dental surgeries are no fun but it sounds like you were in good hands! Get well soon…and, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!” they wrote.

Several fans were quick to wish her a “speedy recovery” as well.

Melissa Gilbert New Play

Meanwhile, Chicagoans can go watch Gilbert and the rest of the cast of “When Harry Met Rehab” at the Greenhouse Theater Center. She is joined by popular “Frasier” actor Dan Butler. The play also has a world premiere that previews on November 24.

The play is based somewhat on the real-life happenings of Chicago sports personality Harry Teinowitz. Gilbert is playing Barb in the play, a rehab therapist that is also a former addict.

“So if you want to come spend some time enjoying a lovely and funny new play and watch my phenomenal co-stars act their hearts out, get your tickets now! If you come soon, you’ll even see my one chipmunk cheek! Hi-diddle-Dee-dee, an actor’s life for me!!” Melissa Gilbert also wrote on the Instagram post.

‘Little House on the Prairie’ Thanksgiving Episode

If you’re searching for a Thanksgiving episode of the popular wholesome series, you’re going to come up mostly empty-handed.

In her book, Gilbert discusses the fact that Thanksgiving was actually only declared a national holiday a few years prior to when the story of the Ingalls family takes place. Historically, it wouldn’t have made a lot of sense for there to be a Thanksgiving episode early on.

Eventually during the three-hour special called “The Little House Years,” the family has a Thanksgiving dinner in 1879.

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