Katey Sagal talks about “Married with Children”

Katey Sagal became a world star with the “Married with Children” show, and yet Katey Sagal barely leaves a good hair in an interview on show.

Now, she also confirms what everybody has always known: The sitcom “Married with Children” was misogynistic television show. The female characters are mostly stupid, and still it was funny. To celebrate 30th anniversary of the show, the actress said in an interview with the AOL web talk show “Build Series”: “It was a very misogynist tv show. Women actress were totally exploited”.

Normally, they do not like it when womens are shown in that way. But playing Peggy Bundy had nothing to do with her attitude in that subject at all. “It was only my television job,” said Katey Sagal. But, she found the approach of the show. So she said also: “We were like the black sheep in the TV show business.

Nevertheless, the tv series “Married with Children” developed into one of the greatest TV successes of the 1990s but of the 1980s also. In 1997 after 259 episodes the show ended. But still today we remember Al Bundy, Peggy, and also Kelly and Bud Bundy.

What do you think about Katey Sagal opinion?

Go away, Peg!

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