Is “Married with Children” coming back? David Faustino says maybe

David Faustino is most popular for Bud Bundy role, and now he is talking about a possible Married with Children reboot. But do not go straight ahead because there are still legal problems about this idea which needs to be done.

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So everyone knows that in the late 80s and 90s, “Married with Children” tv series was the most popular tv show. Also when you see how many successful sitcom reboots are now here, the chance for a return of the Married with Children is probably not bad either also.


David says: “Nothing is confirmed now, so I do not know,” in a conversation with “TMZ”. But immediately after the great actor gives the hope to the fans of the tv series. We are sure that everybody wants to see Married with Children reboot, but there is still the process of solving some legal problems.

grandmaster b

If you ask yourself would everyone be in reboot? Then with certainty we can not confirm it, at this moment it is unclear who would be in the Married with Children reboot.

But we belive that fans would only accept the original cast from the sitcom normally. So we all want to see again Al Bundy, Peggy Bundy, Kelly Bundy, and others.

It would also not be bad to see again Steve and Marcy.

Steve and Marcy

But still some actors are not too happy about this idea, for example Christina Applegate in 2017 said “I’m a mother, I’m no longer that type of actor.” Same opinion has Ed O’Neill aka Al Bundy, where he said once: “I think we’re done with it”.


Without a mutual agreement within Bundy’s, we believe that nothing will be happen.

What do you think about Married with Children reboot?

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