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How Old Every Sopranos Character Is In Many Saints Of Newark

There are a lot of beloved Sopranos characters featured in The Many Saints of Newark, and they are all a lot younger in HBO Max's prequel movie.

Many beloved Sopranos characters appear in The Many Saints of Newark, but they’re all a lot younger in the prequel film than in the original HBO series. Set primarily in 1967 and 1971, David Chase’s new addition to the Sopranos mythos focuses on Christopher Moltisanti’s father Dickie, his relationship with the young Tony Soprano, and how that relationship feeds into the events of the show. The Sopranos’ characters may be a lot younger, but they still have the captivating personas that made them so popular when the series first began.

The story of The Sopranos is largely a story about the end of things. From the start of season 1, Tony expresses constant frustration that the heyday of organized crime seems to be over, and that he may be one of the last of his breed. Tony’s problems are often tied to this dilemma, as he fights to maintain his dominance as the world the Italian mob once held captive slowly shrinks around him. It’s a compelling story, and one that wraps up grimly in The Sopranos’ infamous finale.

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By contrast, The Many Saints of Newark’s story takes place in the late 1960s and early 1970s – an era when the mafia was still at its peak. The world of Dickie Moltisanti is very different from the one Tony rules over in The Sopranos, though some things seem to stay the same. Here’s how old every Sopranos character is in The Many Saints of Newark.

How Old Is Tony Soprano In The Many Saints Of Newark?

many saints of newark young tony age

Canonically, Tony Soprano was born in 1959, which would make him just eight years old when The Many Saints of Newark begins in 1967. When Tony’s Father gets out of jail in 1971, Tony would be 12 or 13. However, that timeline doesn’t quite seem to match up. The Tony seen in 1967 is relatively believable as an eight-year-old boy, but the version of Tony played by Michael Gandolfini – the one who’s theoretically 12 – looks much more like an older teenager around 16 or 17-years-old.  That Tony Soprano age plot hole is a bit jarring, and it’s possible that The Many Saints of Newark has officially retconned the character’s timeline, setting his birth closer to 1955 instead of 1959.

How Old Is Christopher Moltisanti In The Many Saints Of Newark?

The Many Saints of Newark Introduces Tony Soprano to Christopher and sets up his death

While Christopher appears in The Many Saints of Newark, it’s only as a young child. Canonically, Christopher Moltisanti is born in 1969, which would make him one or two when he’s first introduced to Tony in 1971. Christopher also narrates The Many Saints of Newark from the grave – a curious creative decision on behalf of Chase. Because Dickie Moltisanti killed Christopher’s mother and subsequently got whacked, Christopher never really knew his parents, setting the stage for his father/son relationship with Tony that eventually ended in tragedy.

How Old Is Tony Soprano’s Father In The Many Saints Of Newark?

Jon Bernthal plays Tony’s Father, “Johnny Boy” Soprano, in The Many Saints of Newark. When Johnny died in 1986, he was 62 years old, meaning that he would have been about 40 or 41 at the beginning and 45 at the end of The Many Saints of Newark. That’s the same stage of life Tony is in during the events of The Sopranos, creating some interesting parallels between his father’s life in the mob and Tony’s own.

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How Old Is Tony Soprano’s Mother In The Many Saints Of Newark?

Many Saints Sopranos Livia

Vera Farmiga plays Tony Soprano’s mother Livia in The Many Saints of Newark, and while her exact age isn’t revealed, an accurate estimate can be made based on story details from The Sopranos. She appears to be at least a couple years younger than her husband, which would put her in her late 30s in 1967 and in her early 40s at the end of The Many Saints of Newark. The younger version of Tony Soprano’s mother shows a few more signs of kindness than she does in The Sopranos, but she’s still a hard, vindictive, and often manipulative character.

How Old Is Carmela In The Many Saints Of Newark?

Many Saints Sopranos Carmela

In The Sopranos, Carmela is portrayed as being the same age as Tony, since they were high school sweethearts. That would make her about 8 in 1967, just Like Tony, provided that the original Sopranos timeline is being adhered to. If The Many Saints of Newark has in fact retconned that timeline, however, it would mean that Carmela was actually born around 1956 instead of 1960, making her 12 in 1967 and about 16 at the end of The Many Saints of Newark.

How Old Is Junior Soprano In The Many Saints Of Newark?

Many Saints Sopranos Junior

In The Sopranos season 1, it’s said that Tony’s uncle Junior Soprano is 70 years old. Since The Sopranos season 1 takes place in 1999, that would make Junior 38 in 1967 and 42 in 1971. Unfortunately, this timeline creates another Sopranos plot hole, as Junior Soprano is supposed to be the older brother of Johnny Boy, not the younger brother. It’s possible that Junior is actually in his mid-70s in The Sopranos at the start, or that Tony’s father has been retconned at some point to be younger than he was initially believed to be.

How Old Is Paulie Walnuts In The Many Saints Of Newark?

Many Saints Sopranos Paulie Walnuts

Beloved Sopranos character Paulie Walnuts appears in The Many Saints of Newark as part of the Soprano crew. Paulie looks to be in his mid to late 50s in The Sopranos season 1, which would put him in his mid-20s in The Many Saints of Newark. As in The Sopranos, Paulie Walnuts is competent and well-respected member of the crew, starting off what would become a long and industrious career in the Italian mafia.

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How Old Is Silvio In The Many Saints Of Newark?

Silvio goes to be with his family for Christmas in The Many Saints Of Newark

Another classic Sopranos crew member, Silvio Dante, appears in The Many Saints of Newark. Silvio is close in age to Tony but a little older, which, given the apparent retconning done to Tony’s own age, could make him a range of ages. When he appears in The Many Saints of Newark, Silvio appears to be in his late teens or early twenties, a little bit younger than Paulie.

How Old Are The Other Sopranos Characters In The Many Saints Of Newark?

Tony Soprano Every Sopranos Character Returning In Many Saints of Newark

In addition to the more major Sopranos characters in The Many Saints of Newark, a number of side characters from the original series return, now decades younger. Tony Soprano’s older sister Janice, who is two or three years older than Tony, seems to be about 13 or 14 in 1967 and 17 or 18 in 1971. Tony’s friend Artie Bucco is the same age as Tony, and both Pussy Bonpensiero and Jackie Aprile are a couple of years older than Tony, putting them in their teens throughout the events of The Many Saints of Newark.

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