How Much Is Actress Sophia Loren Worth?

Sophia Loren is one of the last surviving stars of Hollywood's 'Golden Age.'

Sophia Loren is one of the last surviving stars of Hollywood’s ‘Golden Age.’ A unique beauty, with tremendous acting talent and a reputation for taking on challenging roles, the Italian actress worked hard to make a name for herself in the tough world of movie acting. After starting out on the pageant scene, the native Roman was ‘discovered’ while acting as an extra, and went on to star in a number of big movies over the course of her decades-long career, including Quo Vadis, Houseboat, and It Started In Naples – moving effortlessly between Italian and American cinema.

All this success for Loren came with big financial rewards, however her reputation was damaged in the early 1980s after being accused of tax evasion, charges which were eventually dropped by the Italian supreme court in 2013. The attention created intrigue surrounding Loren’s personal fortune. So how much is the Academy Award-winning actress worth?

Sophia Loren’s Childhood Was Difficult

Loren came from a notoriously difficult background. Poor, illegitimate, and unhappy, Loren often battled with feeling ‘different’ from her peers. Wartime difficulties meant the family were often without food, and forced to scavenge for whatever they could find, leading Sophia to be teased with the name ‘tooth pick’ by other children.

Being without a father was perhaps the biggest hardship. “The children at school all had families with a father,” she recalls in an interview. “I wouldn’t say I was envious, because I loved my friends very much, but I was not like them. I felt different. And the little boys, they joked about me, and I suffered very much for it. A great deal. But it didn’t make us any less of a family because my mother was not married,” she adds. “Maybe it made us more of a family, because we bonded over the fact that we were not like the others.”

It Gave Sophia Loren Incredible Ambition To Succeed

Loren’s difficult childhood galvanised her determination to succeed. It became a personal mission to right personal wrongs. Sophia and her sister had been born illegitimately, and their aristocratic father refused to acknowledge them. Part of her mission, therefore, became to match him.

“I wanted to be able to walk into the kind of places my father walked into,” she explained. “I wanted to understand what it was like to live like he did. I wanted reasons. I wanted answers.”

Sophia Loren Has An Impressive Art Collection

The large acting fees which Loren was able to command even early in her career allowed her to make many lucrative investments. Together with her late husband, Carlo Ponti, Loren built up an impressive art collection. Paintings and sculptures by famous artists such as Picasso, Renoir, Francis Bacon, Salvado Dali, are said to be included in the collection, making it incredibly valuable.

Sophia Loren Also Owns Several Stunning Properties In Europe

When Loren married her husband Carlo Ponti, he promised her the ‘most beautiful house in the world’, and boy did he deliver. Ponti purchased for them a stunning 1,300 sqm Roman villa, worth an astonishing £17m. The estate, which is set on 1.5 hectares of land, is just 10 minutes from the Colosseum in Rome, and surrounded by an ancient park with stunning views. The house is built on a historic site; the main villa was built in the 1800s on the ruins of a basalt quarry which was used, from 312 BC, to extract the material used to make the most famous Roman road, the Appian Way. Loren put the house up for sale in 2018.

Loren is known for her expensive taste, and likes to decorate her homes in an extremely lavish and ornate style – lots of gold, crystal, and lush furnishings.

Loren has primarily lived in Geneva, Switzerland since 2006, and also owns residences in Italy.

Sophia Loren Was Convicted Falsely On Tax Evasion Charges

Back in 1982, Loren made the news for a reason which surprised many fans. While staying in Italy, she was charged with tax evasion by authorities, and was made to serve an 18-day prison sentence. Though fans were shocked, Loren remained strong, and did well to maintain her reputation – consistently denying any guilt. It was not until 2013, over thirty years later, that the supreme court of Italy apologised and cleared her of the charges.

So, How Much Is Sophia Loren Worth?

Sophia Loren is worth an unbelievable $150 million, making her one of the richest actors in the world. Having been acting since the 1950s, Loren has had many decades to build up her personal fortune, and has proved herself to be a shrewd investor. Her various properties across Europe are worth several million dollars each, and when combined with her exclusive art collection and cash reserves, that make her a multi-multi-millionaire.

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