‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Hypes Up New Project From Former Costar Ron Howard

Henry Winkler is not only a fan of the work of Chef Jose Andres but also of his classic TV show Happy Days costar, Ron Howard. One recent project that Howard, who always stays busy as a director, has been working on is a documentary titled We Feed People. Andres runs World Central Kitchen, which recently has been in the news for providing meals to people in Ukraine.

Andres is known as a celebrity chef yet his heart comes through this non-profit organization. In advance of the documentary premiering on Disney+ on Friday, Winkler shared a tweet from Andres. He also offers up kind words for his longtime friend. “This is a great human of all time,” Winkler writes. “@chefjoseandres and I love Ron Howard”. There you go. Andres talks about the documentary a bit in his tweet.

“People of the world,” Andres says. “Join me, World Central Kitchen, and director Ron Howard on a Twitter Watch Party to celebrate the release on Disney Plus on this coming Friday of this amazing documentary, We Feed People. Through the entire party, we will learn about the experiences of Ron Howard making the film. And the many other people that made this dream possible. So, join us, and let’s celebrate that together, we can build longer tables and, maybe, one plate of food at a time, feed the world.”

Henry Winkler of ‘Happy Days’ Fame Will Release Memoir In 2024

Andres has this as his profile description on his Twitter account: “We all are Citizens of the World. What’s good for you, must be good for all. If you are lost, share a plate of food with a stranger…you will find who you are.”

What’s new in Winkler’s world? He’s going to be releasing a memoir in 2024. And what a life he has led. From playing The Fonz to winning an Emmy for his work on the HBO series Barry, Winkler continues to work. One thing that the actor and children’s book author also does is encourage others in life. Happy Days is just one part of the Winkler story. There probably will be some stories and reflections on his breakout role in the book.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Celadon Books reached a deal with Winkler to tell his life story. “I am both excited and nervous to contemplate writing a memoir because it’s hard to remember what happened the day before yesterday,” he said in a statement. “But here I go!” Winkler has a good idea about how to put a book together based on his previous literary works. His stories should be enough to draw people toward buying the book.

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