The Nanny

Fran Drescher Dishes About The New Broadway Musical Of The Nanny

Adapting an existing TV show to Broadway is no small feat. What works on the small screen may not translate to the stage, and often some liberties have to be taken. Characters may need to be cut, or plot points tweaked. In the case of “The Nanny,” Fran Drescher and her creative team have to rethink Fran Fine’s whole reason for being.

Drescher told Time Out that the Broadway version of Fran will undergo “a struggle, a journey and a resolve different from the series.” She added, “In the series, pretty much everybody changed around her. She didn’t really grow or learn that much. When you’re a central character in the theater, you have to take that hero’s journey, and that’s what we’ve infused in the musical.” Drescher is staying mum about the actual plot of the musical, except to say that it won’t be a “My Fair Lady”-style story with Fran getting lessons in how to lose her famous nasal Queens accent. “Fran is Fran, and she’s a woman on a journey,” is all she divulged. 

Alas, the original cast of “The Nanny” has long since aged out of their roles, so they won’t be featured in the stage version. But could we dare hope that Drescher herself might make a cameo appearance?  

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