Fantastic Beasts: The Main Characters & Their Game Of Thrones Equivalent

The list focuses on the equivalents and counterparts between the Fantastic Beasts characters and GOT characters.

Another masterpiece of the wizarding world sets a new journey for Potterheads with the new ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore.’ While the wizarding world brings in new revelations, emotions, and lots of magic with the new release of Fantastic Beasts, the new series of House of the Dragon release dates were also confirmed.

Both series belong to parts of their bigger universe of Harry Potter and Games of Thrones and are beloved by entertainment fanatics. The series’ is set across a magical reverie that is individually unique and represents a different set of characters in a dystopian world. Despite their varied plotlines and outlandish story, it is obvious to compare the characters of these two.

11Yusuf Kama – Petyr Baelish

Yusuf Kama is an exceptionally cunning and resourceful man with a purpose. Introduced as a mysterious, skilled French wizard looking for Credence, he seemed cold and distant. He is exceedingly proficient and crafty, which gives him the upper hand in even tricking Newt and his companions.

Despite his hard-heartedness, he displays empathy, evidently seen as admiration for his mother. He eventually becomes part of Dumbledore’s team in the third part showing his will to do right. His overall demeanor and persona do reflect certain traits of Littlefinger. Known for his deceptiveness and scheming personality, he still loved Catelyn Stark with all his heart and later Sansa. They both are sly and ambitious men yet have a softer side for their loved ones.

10Eulalie Hicks – Brienne Of Tarth

The new addition to the Dumbeldore’s team is a bright and tactful witch, Eulalie Hicks. She is a Charms professor in Ilvermorny and is widely known for her brilliant skills. Lally is loyal and determined with her goals and is an excellent fighter and tactician among the team. Despite her genius skills, she displays no sense of ego or pride and sees herself as one of the fighters.

Hicks showcases the epitome of trust and friendship as seen in her relationship with others, especially Jacob. Her personality mirrors Brienne’s persona and is evident in how both the women carry themselves. Regardless of the danger, they may be in, they still fight for what is right and make the best of the situation.

9Aberforth Dumbledore – Sandor Clegane

One of the more relatable personalities, Aberforth, is said to be grumpy and short-tempered. Widely popular as the “goat-lover,” Aberforth contradicts his older brother Albus. He is known as cynical, odd, and cold. His demeanor shows him to be a man lacking interest and presumptuously tensed.

Despite all these traits, he was a loving and caring brother and was exceedingly protective of her. He displayed immense bravery and morality during both the wizarding battles. His rough yet softer personality is fascinating and quite relatable to Sandor Clegane. Sandor was ruthless, violent, and “scruffy,” yet was a man of compassion.

8Queenie Goldstein – Sansa Stark

As a kind-hearted, empathetic, and soft person, Queenie bears similar personality traits to Sansa. Sansa toughens over the course, initially facing pain and trauma to becoming a queen in the end. Yet her characteristic of being free-spirited, having a child-like innocence, and ultimately becoming a powerful and restrained woman reflects Queenie’s journey.

Introduced as Tina’s younger sister, Queenie is a Legilimency making her a powerful empath. Despite her soft side, Queenie is brave and resolute. However, just like Sansa, she is slow in understanding the “politics” around her, eventually becoming capable in their ways.

7Jacob Kowalski – Samwell Tarly

Funny and curious ‘No-Maj,’ Jacob Kowalski personifies humor and light-heartedness throughout the series. He is a welcoming, kind, and compassionate person who has no magical powers yet is always prepared to fight for his friends. He is loyal to Newt and is brave in situations where any other muggle would have walked away.

The lack of magical abilities never sets him down in the group; he is even willing to risk everything to help others. Samwell Tarly, unlike Jacob, is an intellect; he is exceptionally resourceful and observant. But what makes these two lovable and humourous characters similar is their loyalty. Like Jacob’s loyalty, Samwell was very loyal to the people he cared about and loved.

6Credence Barebone – Daenerys Targaryen

Described as troubled and timid, Credence has a complicated and traumatic history. His early journey is painful and sorrowful, eventually leading him to a misguided path. Despite his internal trauma, he was kind and loyal; he cared deeply for his adoptive sister and later Nagini and was in constant need of understanding and love. He feels betrayed by his family, making him resent his kin.

Consumed by power, Daenerys’ story follows a similar history. While she too has a traumatic past, she later becomes the mad queen. Filled with insecurities of betrayal, she doesn’t trust anyone and has plenty of misunderstandings along the way. Yet she has a mellow side towards her dragons or the ones she loves. They both suffer throughout their journey, and despite being all-powerful, they eventually meet their downfall.

5Theseus Scamander – Tyrion Lannister

Theseus is noble and a fine young gentleman. He carries himself with a commanding presence and is stern about what is right and wrong. His persona, unlike his brother, is more charming, gallant, and outgoing, which makes him more approachable at first glance. Being a part of the First Wizarding War termed him as courageous.

He was exceedingly intelligent and confident- characteristics that mirror the youngest Lannister. Tyrion is known to be quite witty and courteous. Despite being called an imp, he was methodical and resilient. They both carried themselves courteous as they could be while dropping some of their wise and sarcastic ‘advice.’

4Porpentina Goldstein – Arya Stark

Tina Goldstein characterizes standing up for what is right. She is humble, down-to-earth, and practical in any situation. Unlike her sister, she was more ambitious and courageous, with an ardent desire for justice and truth. Despite being level-headed, her first impression shows her as slightly bossy and serious-minded. Tina, however, was caring and thoughtful and prioritized family and relationships as well.

Arya Stark, however, reflected many of Tina’s traits. She was courageous, brave, and exceptionally skilled, making her completely independent. Like Tina, Arya is a sincere follower of justice and refuses to bow down to bullying or manipulation. Such traits often could lead these women into trouble, yet their quick wit tends to bargain in their favor.

3Newt Scamander – Jon Snow

Of course, the main protagonists have similar hero traits. The Hufflepuff magizoologist is a dedicated, humble, and grounded person. Newt is known to be kind, nurturing, and slightly awkward. He can barely make any eye contact and is contradictory to Theseus, avoiding social gatherings at all times. Despite his odd behavior, his need to go above and beyond to help others makes him quite charming. He stands for the right and is honestly quite methodical.

His counterpart, Jon Snow, is also quite delightful and pledges loyalty and righteousness to those who serve the truth. His ardent desire to help others often makes him put others’ needs before his. They both have a unique sense of modesty, making them compassionate people.

2Gellert Grindelwald – Cersei Lannister

The big baddies, like heroes, do have similar traits. Grindelwald was an ambitious, manipulative, and cunning man. His persona was exceedingly charismatic that even attracted Albus Dumbeldore’s attention. Highly talented and skilled, Gellert was a brilliant student in his early years when driven by his ambition leading him to become idealistic.

His counterpart, Cersei, mirrors similar goals. She is ambitious and goal-driven; she would do anything for the throne, even if it cost a life. She was an idealist, hungry for power. They both lead their lives for desires and power, revealing the worst of their character traits.

1Albus Dumbledore – Eddard Stark

Albus Dumbeldore is known as one of the greatest wizards of all time. Being a key figure during the Wizarding Wars, his comparison would be to the Stark family’s head. Dumbledore was wise and compassionate with a relaxed and calm demeanor. His interactions with both Newt and Harry were always wholehearted, and while he would share his wisdom, he displayed a sense of quirkiness in his talks.

Dumbledore, despite being popular, had a mysterious aura around him, yet he deeply cared for the ones he loved. Another old yet wise man from the parallel series was the sage and highly skilled Eddard Stark. He displayed deep affection for his family and would go to any lengths to protect them. Both believing in the righteous makes them heroic in their stories.

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