Fans Think This Actress Could Be a Better Choice for Audrey Hepburn in Upcoming Biopic

A new Audrey Hepburn biopic is in the works and fans are disgruntled about the leading lady.

On January 6th, Deadline broke that Apple picked up the untitled film, which will be directed by Oscar-nominated Luca Guadagnino. The publication also announced that Rooney Mara will star as Hepburn.

But the news of Mara’s casting has caused some drama on social media. According to a legion of Lily Collins fans, Collins would have been better suited to play the Old Hollywood starlet. And they’re airing their grievances on Twitter.

“Lily Collins did everything except produce a biopic starring her as Audrey Hepburn,” @atomicwick wrote on Twitter. “I know she mad Rooney Mara beat her to the punch.”

The poster is referring to the fact that Collins, 32, has posed for a number of Hepburn photo recreations due to the fact that the two actresses bear a striking resemblance to each other.

Another person echoed the same sentiment in a tweet that read, “lily collins was born to play audrey hepburn and yes she does have the range. i said what i said.” While another Collins fan added that it was “extremely wicked for her to be disrespected like this!”

However, there are just as many people rooting for two-time Oscar-nominated Rooney Mara as there are people rooting against her. And they’ve also been making their opinions heard.

Many People Think Rooney Mara is the Better Actress to Play Audrey Hepburn

“Rooney is the better actress,” @jnkhive argued. “I love Lily and she can carry Emily in Paris. But can you imagine her carrying Carol? i can’t.”

Mara earned her second Oscar nod for portraying photographer Therese Belivet in Carol.

“I can see this.”@Ceilidhann shared. “I typically think of Mara as an actress of steeliness brimming beneath a seemingly fragile surface. So I’m curious to see how she takes on a figure beloved for her warmth and a near-fantastical image of glamour.”

And while Mara has gandered mixed results, it’s doubtful she’d step away from the film. Deadline also reported that not only will the 36-year-old play the Breakfast at Tiffany’s legend, but she will also serve as the biopic’s producer.

Thus far, neither the name of the film nor the plot has been released.

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