Laurel and Hardy

Fans celebrate comedy duo Laurel and Hardy at annual convention in Wigan

There were memories and mirth aplenty as devotees of cinema's greatest comedy duo threw their 30th annual Wigan party.

The Laurel and HarDay has been a warm and wacky fixture in the borough’s calendar since 1992 and is held by the local branch (properly known as a tent) of the Sons of the Desert.

It all started when the St Helens-based Bacon Grabbers UK tent (each is named after a Laurel and Hardy film) launched the festival at the former Beer Engine in Poolstock.

Stan and Ollie fans descend from all over the country to enjoy film shows, talks, games, a quiz and memorabilia sales.

The Laurel and HarDay is these days hosted by Wigan’s own Dirty Work tent and the anniversary event at a packed Bryn Masonic Hall featured much reminiscence, including archive footage from previous days, plus a testing quiz, a novel twist on Deal Or No Deal and the World Kneesy-Earsy-Nosey championships – a coordination game mastered by Stan Laurel in several of their films.

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