‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Star Patricia Heaton Sends Heartwarming Christmas Message

Everybody Loves Raymond is a classic sitcom. It was a delightful program full of delightful characters that fans loved for a very long time. The iconic characters were endless, and that included Debra Barone, played by Patricia Heaton. Heaton was a natural next to Ray and their chemistry soared for so many years on the show. Heaton, getting into the holiday spirit, took to her personal Instagram to post a still from an iconic Christmas episode from Everybody Loves Raymond.

In the post, she captioned it, “This holiday season, let’s make it a point to cherish what’s truly important in our lives: family, friends, and good food!”

It was a beautiful sentiment by Heaton and included the whole cast at their best. It is absolutely a time of year where it is best to show gratitude and be thankful for what we have.

Patricia Heaton Now

Patricia Heaton has grown boys now. Since moving on from Everybody Loves Raymond she has stayed busy with a multitude of projects, including starring in The Middle. However, with grown-up kids, it is fair to wonder what they thought of their mother on the program. After all, she did star on the show for almost a decade.

Patricia Heaton told Us Weekly, “I’m going to make them sit at my funeral for nine years of Raymond.” She continued, “It’s going to be the longest funeral in recorded history, and they are going to watch it, damn it!” So, they have never gotten into the show and watched their mom star on one of the biggest sitcoms ever. How funny is that, Outsiders? The show was on from 1996-2005 so it is understandable that they have not watched it, but it is funny how different it would be for them, as it is their mother.

Does the cast still get together? With some unfortunately passing on, it is impossible for the original gang to get back together in full. However, the remaining cast remains friends. Heaton said, “We don’t do [cast] group chats necessarily, but we are in communication.”

This is good to hear. She continued, “Ray does a wonderful job of [keeping us connected.] We have a party every year, a Labor Day party in L.A. that we all come to every year. It’s always rough when we, for some reason, have to cancel it.” It’s still all healthy between the original cast. That is a positive development for sure. It is unlikely that the cast can schedule a time for everyone to be in the same place at the same time, but they can still communicate with one anoher which is great.

You can watch Everybody Loves Raymond on Peacock.

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