Everybody Loves Raymond Reunion Can’t Find Any Takers Says Creator

Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal says he has an idea for a reunion, but can't find a network who will host the special.

Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal says there is a struggle to find takers for a reunion. Created by Rosenthal, Everybody Loves Raymond starred Ray Romano as everyman Ray Barone. Favored by audiences and critics alike, the series centers on Ray, who struggles to balance career, family life, and overbearing parents. Making its debut in 1996, the series ran for nine successful seasons on CBS. Pivoting Romano to stardom after he started his career in stand-up comedy, Everybody Loves Raymond also starred Patricia Heaton, Brad Garrett, Doris Roberts, and Peter Boyle.

Now, sixteen years after the series finale, Rosenthal admits he has plans for an Everybody Loves Raymond reunion special. However, it appears his idea is a hard sell. Speaking on SiriusXM’s Pop Culture Spotlight with Jessica Shaw, Rosenthal says there have been “no takers” for an Everybody Loves Raymond reunion. Revealing that he would like to get the cast together for a reunion special to discuss life now and revisit the highlights and outtakes from the show, Rosenthal said a network has yet to pick up his idea. Read what Rosenthal said about trying to find a home for the reunion below:

“Here’s what I really can’t believe. I’ve pitched to now a couple of different places. We can do a reunion special, we can tell the stories of the things that have happened to us at home…and it seemed to work for Friends and, no takers. Not yet. I think people like the show, I think they would like to see the cast together.”

Of course, since Peacock is home to all nine seasons of Everybody Loves Raymond, it makes sense that the streaming service would host the reunion special, should it happen. Indeed, while it would be fun for fans to see Romano, Heaton, Garrett, and Monica Horan (Amy) together again, the reunion would be missing key cast members who would make it a true success. Sadly, Roberts (Marie), Boyle (Frank), and Sawyer Sweeten (Ray and Debra’s son Geoffrey) have passed away since the show ended. For now, fans of Everybody Loves Raymond can continue to enjoy the sitcom on Peacock.

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