Elvis was so turned on in classic romantic scene you can see ‘Little Elvis’ on screen

ELVIS PRESLEY filmed many sexy and romantic scenes in his films, but only one time did he lose control of himself. The star was terrified it would be included in the cinema release - and his worst fears came true, with "Little Elvis" on display for all to see.

The King kissed many women on (and off) screen during his prolific film career. Normally all the X-rated shenanigans went on behind the scenes, but just once Elvis suffered an embarrassing loss of control while he was on set and the cameras were rolling. During one sexy scene from 1962’s Girls Girls Girls with Laurel Goodwin, the leading man’s excitement was plain to see, but the director either didn’t spot it or decided to leave it in. SCROLL DOWN TO WATH THE INFAMOUS SCENE

Laurel actually played the sweeter of the two girls chasing Elvis’ character Ross in the movie. The other was played by the far more overtly sexy Playboy model Stella Stevens, but she and Elvis did not get along at all.

During the dance scene for the song The Walls Have Ears, the star found to his horror that all the gyrating with Laurel in his very tight trousers was having an uncontrollable reaction.

The King told his Memphis Mafia sidekick Joe Esposito: “Did you see that? Did you see what happened below the belt?”

Elvis and Laurel Goodwin in Girls Girls Girls

Elvis got excited with Laurel Goodwin in Girls Girls Girls (Image: FS )

Elvis and Laurel Goodwin in Girls Girls Girls

Elvis and Laurel Goodwin in Girls Girls Girls (Image: FS )

Elvis: Girls Girls Girls also starred Stella Stevens

Elvis: Girls Girls Girls also starred Stella Stevens (Image: GETTY)

Years later, Joe wrote in his memoir Good Rockin’ Tonight: “The dance scene with Laurel was complicated … at some point during all the wiggling and jumping, those pants really rubbed him the wrong way, and Little Elvis, as he called it, became erect.”

In between takes, a panic-stricken Elvis told him: “Damn pants were rubbing me the wrong way and I couldn’t stop the feeling. Geez, I hope they don’t have to reshoot this.” 

The next day, after The King watched the rough cuts and realised everything was very visible, he told his loyal friend: “Hot damn! Will you look at that? I was hoping it wouldn’t show because the pants were black. But there it is, sticking out like a sore thumb… well, sort of like a sore thumb.”

Joe apparently reassured his boss that everything would no doubt be edited out from the final cut.

But the routine was extremely difficult to set up, with pieces of falling scenery, and the director, Norman Taurog, decided to use the takes he already had.

Considering the still very conservative nature of much of the American public, it seems incredible that nobody spotted the issue or that a fuss wasn’t made at the time.

Joe added: “I couldn’t believe it when the movie came out. There was Elvis, dancing around the apartment with Little Elvis at attention and aimed directly at Laurel!

“Of course, you had to be looking for it to notice. I’m guessing that only the few of us who knew were looking in that area and saw Little Elvis in action.”

Elvis kissed Laurel Goodwin many times in Girls Girls Girls

Elvis kissed Laurel Goodwin many times in Girls Girls Girls (Image: FS )

Goodwin classily kept her silence on the matter, despite the fact she had been pressed up close to Elvis during segments of the dance.

A former child model, it was her first film and she revealed how protective and sweet The King was with her throughout the shoot.

She said: “I had no romance with him but we became good friends. I learned an attitude of relaxation from him, and not to take the stardom bit too seriously. It helped me to keep my balance. I think I owe a great deal to that alone.”

In fact, Elvis saved her from a difficult situation with an aggressive boyfriend. The King sent one of the Memphis Mafia to lay down the law and warn the boyfriend to treat Goodwin with more respect.

Goodwin also shared an insider’s insight into the ‘real Elvis.’

She said:”Elvis was really a shy person. He would feel much more comfortable if I were behind the camera while he was singing and dancing.

“We used to play touch football between scenes and would have great fun. Some shots were taken by the still photographer. When they were developed the next day, Elvis picked up a photo of me in which I looked dreadful—messy, sweating—and said to me, ‘Isn’t that a gorgeous leading lady?’ He definitely had a sense of humour.”

Laurel Goodwin in Star Trek

Laurel Goodwin in Star Trek (Image: SG )

Laurel Goodwin retired from acting in 1971

Laurel Goodwin retired from acting in 1971 (Image: SG)

Despite being described as having the “cute, homespun potential of a Doris Day” in one review for her big screen debut, Goodwin only worked sporadically though the 1960s.

She is best known for starring in the Star Trek pilot episode The Cage in 1964 and in recent years has appeared at conventions for both Star Trek and Elvis.

After marrying business executive Walter Wood in 1971, she retired from acting and dedicated herself to a career in home nursing.

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