Elvis Presley: Why the King Was Given a Street Name in Las Vegas

Elvis Presley is one in a long line of celebrities that have their name featured as a street name. Here is how the King earned his.

In December of 2016, Elvis Presley Boulevard officially became the name of a small chunk of street in Clark County, Nevada. According to the Las Vegas Sun, the four-tenths of a mile section runs from the Strip to Paradise Road near the Convention Center and the Westgate.

The notable sign serves as the main access point for the new Diamond Lot, a parking and outdoor exhibition space at the Las Vegas Convention Center on the former site of the Riviera.

What was once known as Riviera Boulevard now reads Elvis Presley Boulevard. Westgate originally put in the request for the change. Westgate was the home of Elvis’ famous Las Vegas residency in the late 1960s and early 1970s when it was called the International.

The old Riviera street signs are now on display at the Clark County Museum.

Elvis Presley Boulevard

By May of 2015, the county approved the change. However, the wrong version of the street sign was made, which read “way” instead of “Blvd.” The correction was made seven days later.

Elvis Presley, being the King of Rock and Roll as well as a worldwide star, isn’t lacking any fans, even today nearly 44 years after his death. The artist was only 42 when he died. Can you think of how much that fan base would have grown if he continued to make legendary music?

The video of “Elvis Presley Boulevard” being installed saw a lot of traction on Facebook. Clark County uploaded the clip, which reached almost 1.5 million people.

Furthermore, Elvis Presley isn’t the only A-lister that earned his a street named after him. Others include Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. All of those celebrities’ streets meet behind the Mirage. Then you also have Roy Horn Way, (Jimmy) Durante Street, Wayne Newton Boulevard, Jerry Tarkanian Way, Tony Bennett Way, Mel Torme Way, Debbie Reynolds Drive, Jimmy Buffett Street, Hugh Hefner Drive, Jerry Lewis Way, John Wayne Street, and Tupac Lane.

Having a street in Las Vegas is the ultimate sign that you made it. You are officially an iconic celebrity.

The star-studded list continues, however, Elvis Presley is our favorite. (John Wayne, you are a close second.) Pardon us while we catch a flight to Vegas. Strictly for business purposes, of course.

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