Elvis Presley: What Did the Iconic Singer Leave in His Will?

Elvis Presley wrote out his final will and testament just five months before his untimely death. It was an exciting time for the rock and roll star. He had vowed to work on his health and had just proposed to his girlfriend, Ginger Alden. No one anticipated that he would die just a few short months later.

He wrote his final will in March of 1977. Ginger, his fiance by then, signed it, along with some old friends of his. She put her own address on the paperwork. Even though they were engaged by that point, she refused to move in with Elvis. His will was admitted to probate a week after his death on August 16th, 1977. The day after his will was admitted, August 22nd, newspapers were reporting on the contents of it.

Elvis’ will was split evenly between three people. His father Vernon, his grandmother Minnie Mae, and his daughter Lisa Marie. His father was the executor of the will. There was no mention of his girlfriend Ginger, or of his ex-wife Priscilla. People say that this is because his girlfriend had already received so many gifts from him, and his ex-wife got her fair share during their divorce. However, Priscilla would end up in control of the whole estate. Just two years after Elvis’ death, only his daughter was left out of the three people named in his will.

Of course, Lisa Marie wasn’t old enough to execute the will on her own. Priscilla took over until Lisa Marie was old enough, and was smart enough to increase what Elvis’ estate was worth. What was originally a $1 million estate turned into $100 million by the time Lisa Marie was 25.

Did Elvis Stay Faithful Until the End? We’ll Never Truly Know

Ginger had only met Elvis a year prior to his death, on November 19, 1976. Since then, they were inseparable. The King’s inability to stay faithful was widely known and often talked about, but things seemed to be working out fine between the two of them. Many people assumed that their relationship wouldn’t last long, but they were together right up until he died. After his death, even his father spoke about the bond shared between them.

However, there were doubts about Elvis‘ commitment to Ginger and their wedding plans. Ginger maintains that they talked about it constantly, even the night before he died. His father wasn’t so sure and thought that the icon was getting cold feet. When he asked his son about his wedding plans, Elvis answered vaguely: “Only God knows.” That answer didn’t seem promising to Vernon. Regardless of their relationship status near the end, Ginger was there the day he died, and all the days after that. It was clear that she loved him. Who knows what would’ve happened if he had lived longer.

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