Elvis girlfriends bombshell dropped by Memphis Mafia: ‘There’s no changing the ugly truth’

ELVIS PRESLEY dated countless beautiful women during his short life, but only a few were his permanent live-in lovers. Now the only surviving original Memphis Mafia member, The King’s cousin Billy Smith, has bluntly shared “the truth that no one can change”.

Elvis Presley had many flings but only married one woman in Priscilla Presley. Aside from his ex-wife, The King’s other more serious girlfriends were Anita Wood, Linda Thompson and Ginger Alden, but even with them, he couldn’t resist the temptation of other ladies. According to his cousin Billy Smith, the girls who were only around for a short period of time had a special nickname among the Memphis Mafia.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Elvis Fans Matter, Billy said: “It’s ugly, but we used to call them Two Week Wonders.”

The last surviving original Memphis Mafia member explained: “Two weeks and we wondered if they’d be back!”

He and his wife Jo clarified that they meant no disrespect to some of The King’s short-term girlfriends like Sheila Ryan and Mindi Miller, but said they’d only be around for two or three weeks or a couple of months or so.

The singer’s close relative then went on to drop an Elvis relationships bombshell.

elvis with ginger and linda
Elvis girlfriends bombshell dropped by Memphis Mafia: ‘There’s no changing the ugly truth’ (Image: GETTY/LINDA THOMPSON)
elvis and anita
Elvis with Anita – Billy Smith is in the top left (Image: GETTY)

Billy continued: “At no time in Elvis’ life was he totally faithful to any one woman and I don’t mean that in any disrespect to the ladies that he loved, because some of them he cared more about – that’s why he kept them around – than others. That’s the truth and you can’t change that.”

His wife Jo added: “All of them were picked by Elvis and that was his business, he made some good picks and he made some bad ones.”

In a previous video with their son Danny on the Memphis Mafia Kid channel, The King’s cousin said: “Elvis loved the women that he was with…but his career came first and that’s just how Elvis was. He really didn’t want to be married, although Priscilla was an exception. These women made Elvis happy and that was the main thing. I don’t want to hurt any of these women’s feelings, don’t mean to, but let me tell you a little secret, this is a little bit of a bombshell.”

elvis and priscilla

Priscilla Presley is the only women Elvis married (Image:

Billy said: “This is exactly what he told me and I saw it to be true over the years. They had a thing called common law marriage. At the time back in the earlier days, at the time Elvis was becoming famous, he knew it was five years. So if it changed, he never knew it, but he stuck with that five years. When it got close to being five years with a woman, Elvis moved on. Elvis was somewhat of a fickle person too.”

The King’s cousin went on to explain that the singer’s last girlfriend Ginger wasn’t set to go on tour with him the day he died on August 16, 1977. He said that it was actually a girl called Alicia Kerwin.

Billy added: “[Ginger] can deny it, but so many people around Elvis knew it.”

In the new video, both Billy and Jo shared their memories of Elvis’ permanent lovers.

She said: “Priscilla was a lot of fun back in the day when we were young. I was close to Priscilla, we did a lot of stuff together while they were out of town. Go to the movies and got to fairgrounds.”

Asked who he was closest to, her husband replied: “It depended on the time. I was crazy about Anita, but I got to know her better than most of them.”

Jo added: “To this day I love Linda Thompson because of everything she did and I knew she cared about Elvis and I knew he cared about her. Linda just came in the room with a smile on her face. She was uplifting and she tried to keep Elvis up. And Priscilla was like that a lot in the early days.”

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