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Elden Ring Sopranos Meme Perfectly Describes The Tree Sentinel Experience

Elden Ring and The Sopranos have very little in common, but one hilarious fan video sees Tony Soprano enter the fantasy world of The Lands Between.

A hilarious Elden Ring meme uses a clip from The Sopranos to describe players’ feelings towards the Tree Sentinel boss. FromSoftware’s fantasyepic features a wide range of threats for players to face throughout The Lands Between, ranging from massive dragons to hordes of undead soldiers. One fan recently created an Elden Ring and Breaking Bad crossover to describe the open-world experience, and now another beloved crime drama series has crossed into the fantastic world of The Lands Between

Airing from 1999 to 2007, The Sopranos follows the head of a New Jersey-based crime family as he struggles to control his criminal empire and mental health. Considered one of the greatest television series of all time, the show uses masterful writing and direction to tackle controversial topics like crime, American culture and mental illness. The show has also spawned a variety of memes, many of which have seen use related to video games. One particular scene where Tony Soprano flees from the FBI has become a meme, with one fan injecting Tony Soprano into Fallout: New Vegas to make him flee from a powerful Deathclaw.

Reddit user SuperGalaxy3000 has now inserted the Sopranos protagonist into the world of Elden Ring to reflect most players’ early experiences. While the scene is meant to show Tony fleeing the FBI, the amazing edit instead sees the mafia don run away from the Tree Sentinel. This field boss can be seen the moment Elden Ring players enter the starting area of Limgrave, causing many to be surprised and immediately killed by the foe’s speed and power. Tony Soprano knows when to cut his losses, however, so SuperGalaxy3000’s meme displays the character’s varsity athlete potential by making him immediately run away.

Many Elden Ring fans have used memes to point fun at the soulslike epic, but others use them to criticize the competition. One Elden Ring meme about Ubisoft, for example, imagines the FromSoftware title as a cluttered mess to demonstrate its strengths over rival games. The meme fills the game’s clean user interface with quest logs, a mini-map and advertisements for in-game microtransactions to resemble an Ubisoft project. While this attack on Ubisoft’s open-world games like Assassin’s Creed may be unwarranted, the meme does illustrate how Elden Ring has delivered a more unique open-world experience.

The Sopranos is regarded as one of television’s greatest shows, with all six seasons filled to bursting with memorable moments. Tony running from the FBI is a particularly iconic scene, and the character’s desperate dash for safety is an accurate representation of Elden Ring novices facing the Tree Sentinel. The boss has spelled death for countless Tarnished gamers, but only those who give respect get respect from Tony Soprano.

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