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Each Season Of The Sopranos, Ranked According To IMDB

The Sopranos was critically acclaimed throughout its run. Here's how every season ranks according to its IMDb score.

Before there were 900 streaming services, each with enough cash flow to put out enhancing and phenomenal TV. There was seemingly only HBO. In 1999, The Sopranos launched and the show captivated a nation. It almost instantly grabbed fans of The Godfather films, Goodfellas, and other Mafia movies. The psychiatry scenes were praised as well by real-life doctors.

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Despite how you feel about the cut to black ending, people still feel one or way or another about it to this day. Which is a lot better than barely remembering a show. Looking at the rankings on IMDB, only one episode is ranked below an 8.0 and it’s 7.9. The series was one of the most consistently loved shows of all time. Here’s each season of The Sopranos, according to IMDB.

Season 2 – 8.03

After the fallout from his own family trying to whack him, Tony starts to tighten up his control of the family. Meanwhile tensions and suspicions arise about Sal Bonpensiero who has flipped to become an FBI Informant. Meanwhile, the old boss’ brother, Richie is let out of jail and starts a relationship with Tony’s returning sister Janice. Low-level thugs try to murder Chrissy, who got engaged to Adriana. Elsewhere, Richie tries to make a power play giving Tony another guy looking to bump him off. But Janice accidentally killing him solved that. Tony, Paulie, and Sil figure out Sal’s the informant and murder their life long friend and bury him at sea.

Season 5 – 8.08

Tony’s cousin, Tony B. gets out of prison, and despite his family connections does want to play it straight. Several other mob guys get out as well – old school member, Feech La Manna and two members of the Lupertazzi crime family – Angelo Garepe and Phil Leotardo. All four of these guys will prove to be a headache for Tony and good friend / Lupertazzi underboss, Johnny Sack.

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Tensions rise between those two after Tony B. murders Phil’s brother in retaliation for the Leotardo brothers killing Angelo, who was good friends with Tony B. in prison. Elsewhere, Adrianna was caught trying to cover up a murder at her club. Now the FBI has got her and she tries to get Chris to come aboard. In one of the most tense episodes of the series, Sil’s the one to put an end to the situation.

Season 3 – 8.1

Christopher and Paulie in The Sopranos

Ralph Cifaretto comes back from Miami and kindles a romance from years ago with Rosalie Aprile, Jackie’s widow. He takes over the Aprile crew and starts mentoring Jackie Jr. He can earn, but he keeps egging Tony on. Jackie Jr. is dating Meadow and Tony tried to mentor the kid as well. The tensions between Tony and Ralph keep escalating. Meanwhile, Chris finally becomes a Made Guy; he and Paulie have a terrible go at making a collection. Dr. Melfi gets assaulted and she oddly enough feels strengthened by the fact she has Tony in her back pocket, who would have eviscerated the man. Jackie Jr. is shot and killed by Vito for his part in trying to rob a card game, leaving Meadow devastated. Tony also realizes that his son shares the same “putrid gene,” when AJ suffers his first panic attack.

Season 6A – 8.58

The final season of The Sopranos was also the first time a high drama split the story into two parts. It starts off with a…pardon the pun…bang. Suffering from dementia, Junior shoots Tony, putting him in a coma. In his head, he thinks he’s a salesman on a trip. After going through several dream sequences, he wakes up to Carmella.

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Chris reignites his passion to break into the movies. Sil assumed control of the Family while Tony was under and they exiled Junior from the organization. Despite being grateful for the new lease on life, Tony also fears his crew don’t respect him anymore so he beats the crap out of his new bodyguard. But he also has been doing all he can to seemingly make amends and give everyone in his circle a chance to live the good life.

Season 4 – 8.43

Ralph is still up to causing trouble with his mouth and is nearly killed for it by Johnny Sack, after making a comment about his wife’s weight. Once that potential bloodshed was averted, Ralph and Tony go in on a race horse, Pie-Oh-My. Tony’s legit cares for the horse, but after he suspects Ralph burned down the barn for the insurance money, Tony murders his Capo in cold blood, which was a huge problem that Chris helped him bury. The family also stages an intervention for Chris to help him overcome his heroin addiction. Carmella becomes infatuated with Furio, one of Tony’s top guys. After one of his mistresses calls the house, Carmella gets fed up and after brutal argument, tosses him out of the house.

Season 1 – 8.73

The first season of the show garnered all kinds of critical and commercial acclaim that the series would become known for and accustomed to. After having a panic attack, mob Capo Tony Soprano starts seeing a therapist in secret.

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The Family’s Boss, Jackie Aprile had died, leading to a power struggle between both Tony and his Uncle Junior. They cede control to Junior but only in name, Tony’s still running the show from behind the scenes. Enraged, both Junior and even Tony’s own mother, Livia plot to remove Tony from power.

Season 6B – 8.9

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