Do you know the middle initial for all these classic TV characters?

Captain Kirk, Colonel Potter and even Thing from The Addams Family used a middle initial.

Adding a middle initial to a character’s name often made them seem more sophisticated, although one Ernest Bass from The Andy Griffith Show might disprove that notion.

All the characters in this quiz either used a middle initial whenever introducing themselves or revealed the first letter of their second name in memorable episodes. We know what a few of these letters stand for but some are still a mystery!

See if you remember which letter goes between the first and last names of these classic TV characters.

    1. James _ Kirk
    2. Wile _ Coyote
    3. Ernest _ Bass
  1. Maynard _ Krebs
  2. Thing _ Thing
  3. Fred _ Sanford
  4. Sherman _ Potter
  5. Maxwell _ Klinger
  6. This teenager on Family Ties was Alex _ Keaton.
  7. The sheriff on The Dukes of Hazzard was Rosco _ Coltrane.
  8. George Jetson’s boss was Cosmo _ Spacely.
  9. The Twilight Zone featured a man who liked loud noises named Roswell _ Flemington.

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