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Dad, Are You In The Mafia?: The 10 Best Meadow Quotes From The Sopranos

Fans of The Sopranos had the pleasure of watching Tony's daughter Meadow grow up and she delivered many amazing quotes over the years.

Fans of The Sopranos had the pleasure of watching Tony’s daughter Meadow grow, not only in character but also from a teenager to an adult woman. Meadow was the first of Tony’s children to figure out that their father was in the mob. And when it came to airing out her thoughts, she was unmatched, She never hesitated to challenge her parents on topics she considered important.

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Meadow’s romantic relationships also served as essential sub-plots of the show. Even though she valued her education and career, her love life always seemed to complicate things. However, she was given a fitting ending as she declared her intentions to become a lawyer. Here are her best ever quotes.

“Dad, Are You In The Mafia?”

Meadow asks Tony whether he is a mobster in The Sopranos

Meadow asked her father this question as they were driving around, looking for a new school in the critically acclaimed Season One episode titled “College.” Before asking the question, she just stared at him for a few minutes. Viewers could tell she was about to say something. Did she want a favor? No. Even Tony was shocked by the question.

At first, he denied it, stating that people in the waste management business were always mislabeled as mob members. After realizing Meadow wasn’t buying it, he admitted that a part of his income did indeed come from illegal ventures. Meadow didn’t mind. She was actually glad that he’d been honest with her. Right after that conversation, Tony spotted an old foe at a gas station and dedicated the rest of the episode to pursuing him, before eventually killing him. Truly, he was in the mafia.

“It’s The 90s. Parents Are Supposed To Discuss Sex With Their Children.”

When Carmela, Tony, and Meadow were having breakfast once, Meadow felt it was a good time to talk about sex. She began lamenting about some American policies that she considered retrogressive, including banning prostitution.

Tony tried to ignore her but she kept going. She even brought up President Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. Meadow then stated that sex shouldn’t a punishable offense, something which Tony agreed before adding that talking about sex at the breakfast table was a punishable offense. Meadow disagreed, arguing that modern-day parents ought to discuss sex with their children.

“That Is So Racist.”

Meadow in a clothing store in The Sopranos

In the Season 2 finale, Tony fell sick. Both him and Big Pussy had a serious bout of diarrhea. Coincidentally, they had eaten at the same Indian restaurant as well as the Vesuvio.

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When Meadow showed up at the house, Carmela informed her that her father was sick. When she asked what happened, Carmela stated that Tony had eaten at an Indian restaurant. The woke Meadow didn’t hesitate to label this a racist remark. She was kinda right. When Dr. Cusamano treated Tony, later on, he stated that Indian spices had antibacterial properties hence they couldn’t have caused the running stomach.

“Do You Know Any Other Garbage Men Who Live In A House Like This?”

Meadow showing AJ a mafia website with their father's picture in The Sopranos

When Meadow and AJ were having a chat in Season One’s fourth episode titled “Meadowlands,” he told her how puzzled he was after a school bully suddenly decided to avoid him after hearing something about their father. Meadow then informed him that their father wasn’t really who he thought he was. When she asked him what he thought their dad did for a living, AJ insisted that he was in the garbage business.

Meadow then gave him a reality check by letting him know that a person in the waste management business couldn’t afford to live in a house like the one they lived in. She then began showing him websites and news articles about the mafia on a computer.

“The fact That You Would Even Say This In Front Of An Outsider Is Amazing To Me! Jesus Christ, Some Loyalty?”

Tony, Carmela and Meadow at Jackie Jr's funeral

In the Season 3 finale, it was time for Meadow’s former lover Jackie Jr’s funeral. The funeral had plenty of drama, with Christopher and Silvio getting arrested. And during the reception at Rosalie’s place, Meadow and Rosalie’s daughter Kelli got into an argument over who really murdered Jackie.

Meadow was sure it was a drug trafficker but Kelli insisted that it was a “Fat Italian.” Meadow was angry that Kelli was making such an accusation in front of outsiders and fueling the narrative that all Italian-Americans were gangsters.

“You Want Them To See All That Porno You Downloaded?”

Meadow finds AJ watching porn in The Sopranos

Meadow and her brother AJ had some pretty interesting conversations. One of those happened in Season One’s eighth episode titled “The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti.” Larry had informed the DiMeo crime family members that the FBI was planning to raid them soon. Tony and his men were thus in a rush against time to hide all forms of incriminating possessions.

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Tony took cash and guns from the house and hid them at Livia’s room at the retirement home. He also took all the jewelry Carmela was wearing since they were stolen and he didn’t have receipts for them. As Meadow was watching what was happening, she asked AJ to format his computer. He wanted to hear none of it until she told him that the police would find all the illegal pornographic material he had downloaded. That was enough to make him format it.

“So Many Dads Are Full Of S***.”

Tony and Meadow in the episode "College"

After Tony’s admission that he was indeed “in the mafia,” Meadow told him how she wished he was like other normal dads. She immediately changed that thought and suggested that other dads must be boring.

She brought up Mr. Scangarelo, who was an advertising executive of a tobacco company, and explained why she considered him boring. Eventually, she realized she wouldn’t have it any other way. She would rather have a mafia boss as a father than a white-collar employee as a father.

“Why Can’t This Family Just Get Along?”

The Sopranos - Livia and Meadow

Season 2’s premiere episode found Tony fighting with his mother Livia. While organizing a family get-together, he insisted that Livia shouldn’t be invited. Carmela also confessed that her parents often avoided gatherings because of Livia. She had allegedly made disrespectful remarks to them during a fight.

All the fighting bothered Meadow, who wondered why her family couldn’t just be happy like other families. She tried to offer a bit of advice but she was immediately hushed by her parents.

“Bates Is The World’s Most Expensive Form Of Contraception.”

Tony and Meadow talk about schools

Still in the Season One episode titled “College,” Tony was considering enrolling Meadow at Bates. He asked her if she’d heard anything about the social life there and he had indeed heard plenty.

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Meadow stated that Bates had the brightest minds but its social life left little to be desired. Apparently, the students there didn’t have sex at all. She thus labeled Bates the most expensive form of contraception since it was an expensive school and girls were unlikely to get pregnant while studying there.

“The State Can Crush The Individual. And If We Can Have Our Rights Trampled Like That, Imagine What It’s Like For Recent Arrivals.”

Made In America - The Sopranos

In the series finale, Meadow and Patrick announced they were planning to get married. Meadow was also excited that she was about to get a job at a major law firm.

She told Tony how she intended to use her position as a lawyer to fight for the rights of immigrants. Meadow felt that her father and other Italian-Americans were being targeted by law enforcement agencies because of where they came from. Despite having an idea of her father’s criminal activities, she still loved him enough to be motivated to fight for Italian-Americans after witnessing his clashes with the FBI.

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