Country Throwback: Watch Elvis, Andy Griffith Sing Hilarious Made-Up Western Song in 1956

Elvis Presley’s reputation precedes him. One of his well-known characteristics is having a little, or actually a lot, of fun.

Presley continued to provide laughs on The Steve Allen Show in 1956, being joined by Andy Griffith.

Elvis delivered entertainment and humor while wearing an unexpected outfit, singing to a hound dog, and performing an unexpected made-up satirical Western song.

Andy Griffith, the famous television icon, revealed his other skills of singing, dancing, and comedic talents while performing with Presley.

Elvis and Andy Create Comedic Gold

Griffith and Presley jokingly dressed in full-blown western cowboy attire while appearing in a sketch along with a group of other country-looking folks.

Andy played the role of Rattlesnake Griffith, proudly standing up to introduce himself as “The dumbest cowboy you ever seen!”

Presley followed by delivering a unique promotional message for a candy bar by saying, “Dentists recommend Tonto Bars because tests prove that Tonto Bars cause more cavities than any other candy bar.”

Hoe-Down Throwdown

The two then began singing a hilarious mix of Western and country music. The goofy group ends the unexpected laugh riot by performing some uniquely exaggerated hoe-down moves.

Presley Gets Personal with a Real Hound Dog

Host Steve Allen was vocal about disliking rock n’ roll and country-western music. He continued to poke fun at his guests.

While on the show, Elvis was dressed in a tuxedo. He sang a beautiful rendition of “Hound Dog” to a live Basset Hound on set. The dog was fancy, as well, while wearing a top hat.

(Photo by NBC Television/Getty Images)

Presley took Steven Allen’s requests in stride and proudly executed everything asked of him by the show’s host. The audience and viewers enjoyed his appearance on the show even more due to his infamous actions.

Who would’ve expected Griffith and Presley could make such comedic magic together? Well, they obviously did, as they surprised everyone by teaming up to create an unforgettable golden comedy performance.

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