Could Cobra Kai’s Hawk Team Up With Kreese in Season 5?

The Cobra Kai Season 5 trailer suggests new alliances in the Netflix series, and one possible direction for Jacob Bertrand's Hawk is startling.

People just can’t get enough of Cobra Kai’s high-energy, drama-filled karate rivalries. Netflix released the fourth season in December to praise from fans and critics alike, and as if that wasn’t enough, the network dropped a Season 5 trailer with all kinds of new footage and plot teases. Chozen has taken his place in the fight against Terry Silver, and it looks like a rivalry could be brewing. However, an alliance between Daniel LaRusso and Chozen is far from the only new team-up in Season 5.

Cobra Kai has made a habit of having characters shift loyalties. It’s a good way to show how they develop and learn about the other people around them. But most of those shifting alliances are a long time coming. It’s been telegraphed that Robby is about to leave Cobra Kai, and it looks like Tory might finally bury the hatchet with Sam. Yet there’s at least one move that viewers won’t expect in Season 5.

In an interview with Men’s Health (via Express), Cobra Kai star Jacob Bertrand said, “There’s some pretty cool team-ups. There are some very cool people who end up working together that you don’t expect.” That makes it seem like the writers have come up with something truly surprising to accompany the pairings audiences have already figured out. But what unexpected alliance could Bertrand be referring to?

Robby and Miguel seem like an obvious pairing because of the situation and their rocky history. Another possibility is that Tory will defect and join Sam in the fight against Cobra Kai. However, there’s an even more shocking alliance that’s possible. Given Silver’s betrayal, it’s likely that John Kreese will join Daniel and fight against his old friend. The surprise doesn’t stop there, though, because it looks like Bertrand’s character Hawk could be the catalyst for that alliance.

Hawk had a great connection with Kreese, and now he has a new outlook on life after winning the All Valley Tournament. He’s not trying to prove his worth anymore; he’s trying to pull people together. Kreese is at an all-time low, so giving him a second chance would be a great way for Hawk’s character to grow in Season 5. For that matter, if anyone could convince Kreese to join Daniel’s side, it would be Hawk.

One other selling point for the theory that Hawk will make good with Kreese is what’s not in the trailer — neither Hawk nor Kreese appeared. That may just be a coincidence, but it seems like all the other characters are already committed to plotlines (including Miguel’s Karate Kid III-like journey). The fact that Hawk didn’t appear as part of those plots could mean he’s available for a Kreese storyline. While Kreese will be looking for revenge in Season 5, there’s no reason he couldn’t also get redemption, and that would definitely qualify as a huge surprise.

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