Cobra Kai Casts a Villainous South Korean Sensei for Season 5

Netflix's Cobra Kai Season 5 adds actor Alicia Hannah-Kim as a South Korean sensei who will partake in Terry Silver's All-Valley domination plan.

Cobra Kai has found itself a new karate master.

Per Deadline, Minx and Alone Together actress Alicia Hannah-Kim will appear as a formidable South Korean sensei named Kim Da-Eun in the fifth season of the hit Netflix series. Her character will be part of Terry Silver’s Cobra Kai expansion plan. Though her inclusion sets Kim up as a potential villain, it’s currently unknown how the character fits into the season’s overarching narrative.

The Season 4 finale saw John Kreese (played by Martin Kove) and Silver winning the trophy for the best karate dojo in the San Fernando Valley. Upon the win, Silver quickly announced his plan to open additional Cobra Kai dojos across the valley to cement it as the definitive brand. The first official teaser trailer for Cobra Kai Season 5 reveals his students warming up in a brand new dojo, implying Silver is on track with his objective.

The trailer also foreshadowed the formation of new partnerships, mainly Ralph Macchio’s Daniel LaRusso and Yuji Okumoto’s Chozen Toguchi. The duo were rivals in The Karate Kid II, but Season 3 saw their feud resolved. The Cobra Kai Season 4 finale showed LaRusso willing to go on the offensive to take down Cobra Kai, turning to his once-rival for assistance.

Kove recently addressed his villainous return as John Kreese, taking to his social media to shed some light on what fans can expect. “Just remember…I’ve been chained and locked away before…It’s just the beginning…” The actor then concluded his musing by writing, “I am Cobra Kai.”

Despite his excitement for the Cobra Kai series, Kove wasn’t always sold on sharing the spotlight with Terry Silver. “I don’t like another guy coming in stealing some of the thunder from [my] darkness,” explained Kove. “But it seems that it would shed a lot more light on my character if someone else was causing all the problems. I couldn’t be barking, ‘Let’s get Eagle Fang! Let’s defeat Miyagi-Do!’ in front of my dojo anymore. I was doing that Season 1, Season 2, Season 3. We needed some fresh elements in the show.”

Cobra Kai Season 1 through 4 are now streaming on Netflix while Season 5 premieres on Sept. 9. It’s currently unknown whether a sixth season is in development.

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