Cobra Kai: 10 Most Wholesome Characters, Ranked

While Cobra Kai has many strong, powerful, and fearless characters, it also featured several wholesome people.

The core teachings of karate revolve around acceptance and humility. Practitioners are expected to embody every aspect of the martial spirit, especially when it comes to showing mercy. While the titular dojo in Cobra Kai ferociously opposes peaceful outcomes in favor of spite and savagery, many characters refuse to align themselves with Kreese’s thought process.

Interestingly, a large fraction of Cobra Kai’s wholesome characters have minor roles in the overall narrative. This is partly because they are spared from the moral turbulence that the main cast is often forced to endure.

10 Aisha Regains Her Wholesome Persona After Leaving West Valley

Aisha’s pleasant demeanor is severely undercut by her diminutive nature. After being bullied for some time, she chooses to join Cobra Kai. Her stint in the dojo helps her build the self-assurance she needs to improve her school standing. However, it comes with an unwanted side-effect: animosity.

Aisha fights fire with fire until the West Valley melee, during which she struggles to calm her friends down. She leaves the school and it is revealed that Aisha regained her wholesome attitude after being out of the karate scene for two seasons.

Lucille LaRusso Hasn’t Lost An Iota Of Her Trademark Generosity

Lucille LaRusso was introduced in The Karate Kid and appeared again in The Karate Kid Part III. Lucille singlehandedly raises her son while juggling a career, an impressive accomplishment.

Lucille is reintroduced in Cobra Kai, where she is as genial and affectionate as ever (despite the occasional conflict with her daughter-in-law, Amanda). Lucille showers Daniel with maternal fondness well into his fifties, proving that she hasn’t lost an iota of her trademark generosity.

Yasmine Transforms For The Better Following Her Public Humiliation

Yasmine abuses her popularity by teasing and tormenting introverted students like Eli and Demetri. Following her public humiliation at Aisha’s hands, Yasmine loses most of her high school status and has no option but to deal with her diminishing prestige.

Fortunately, her interactions with Demetri transform her for the better and eventually turn into a loving relationship. In season 4, Yasmine candidly displays her love for Demetri, a welcome change from her former conceited personality.

Ali Pleasantly Accepts Johnny And Daniel For The Men They Become

Ali Mills is originally introduced in The Karate Kid (1984). She gradually alienates herself from her then-boyfriend, Johnny, after watching him mistreat Daniel out of pure malice. Ali disappears from Karate Kid’s sequels, but returns in Cobra Kai‘s third season.

Although she and Johnny seem on the verge of reigniting their childhood romance, Cobra Kai diverges their storylines to retain Carmen Diaz as Johnny’s love interest. Ali quickly befriends Amanda during the Encino Oaks Christmas Party, where the two women playfully poke fun at Daniel’s adolescent exploits.

Kumiko Effortlessly Reconciles Chozen With Daniel, A Monumental Achievement

Kumiko is a major character in The Karate Kid Part II (1989). She develops a bond with Daniel on his visit to Okinawa, much to Chozen’s chagrin. Kumiko attains her dream of becoming a world-renowned dancer before going home to Okinawa.

Daniel reunites with Kumiko in season 3 of Cobra Kai. Even though Tomi Village has been turned into a shopping mall, she assures him that it doesn’t reduce its influence on both their lives. Not only does Kumiko reconcile Daniel with Chozen, but she also convinces Doyona International to invest in LaRusso Auto.

Amanda Is Patient And Accepting But Refuses To Be Pushed Beyond Her Emotional Limits

Amanda LaRusso has the patience required to run a large business as well as deal with her husband’s flights of karate fancy. Amanda underscores the negative effects of Daniel’s martial dalliances on their marriage, illustrating her refusal to be pushed beyond her emotional limits.

Except for her quasi-negligent relationship with her daughter (Samantha), Amanda doesn’t squander her family-oriented focus.

Carmen Works Her Fingers To The Bone For Her Family

Carmen Diaz spends most of season 1 at odds with Johnny Lawrence because he trains Miguel in karate against her wishes. She slowly grows to admire and appreciate Johnny’s fatherly attitude towards her son, which is mostly why she falls in love with him.

Carmen’s tenuous relationship is wrecked after Miguel’s coma, but Johnny fixes her broken trust by helping Miguel learn to walk again. Carmen works her fingers to the bone to provide her mother and son with everything they need.

Lynn’s Lighthearted Spirit Remains Indefatigable Despite Her Circumstances

Lynn’s role in Cobra Kai is borderline nonexistent. However, she is a lot more responsible than she’s given credit for. Johnny hires her to advertise Cobra Kai’s reopening, a job Lynn agrees to do for “meth and a burrito.”

Although Johnny is upset to find her relaxing with a burrito and neglecting her work, it’s entirely possible that she was just taking a break from sign-spinning. Lynn’s character arc highlights some of the many issues faced by houseless people in the U.S., but her lighthearted spirit remains indefatigable.

Moon Is Arguably The Only Character Who Works To Restore Peace

Moon is one of the most likable and emotionally intelligent characters in Cobra Kai. Moon often raves about the power of chakras and their beneficial impact on negative energy. However, these concepts tend to confuse her friends.

Despite her ambiguous ramblings, Moon is thoroughly selfless, especially when it comes to her ex-boyfriend Hawk. Moon is arguably the only West Valley High student who desires peace and consistently tries to restore the rifts that emerge as a result of inter-Dojo politics.

Miguel Is A Champion In Every Sense Of The Word

Miguel has a few difficult moments in Cobra Kai, but he never once fails to overcome his obstacles. He is a champion in every sense of the word. Miguel’s relationship with Johnny is particularly endearing, even if the season 4 finale drives a temporary wedge between the two characters.

Miguel maintains his innocent charm throughout Cobra Kai, and, most importantly, doesn’t allow his fears to define him as a person. Fans hope that season 5 will bring Miguel back out of his emotional setbacks.

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