Charlie Chaplin: Short Comedies with live accompaniment

Film screening with the world premier of LIVE score by pianist Christopher Eldred and percussionist Nicholas D. Ball of The Lucky Dog Picturehouse.

The Little Tramp comes to Wilton’s for one night only! We have chosen our favourite short films from Chaplin’s early career which demonstrate not only his wonderful physical comedy, but also the depth of emotion as an actor.

Programme includes (amongst others): One A.M. and The Immigrant which, whilst being written over one hundred years ago, still feels relevant today.

They like it

  • Went to the Lucky Dog showing of The Lost World at Wilton’s last night. What a treat. Felt like a lucky dog myself.Nicholas Barber, film critic, BBC Culture
  • They have a rare ability to enchant both expert audiences and children seeing silents for the first timeJonathan Wakeham, London Comedy Film Festival

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