Celebrate Elvis Presley’s Birthday With The King’s Official Whiskey: How to Buy a Bottle

In honor of the King’s 87th birthday, have a sip of Elvis Whiskey. The officially licensed line of spirits includes whiskey and rye, two of his favorites.

“Our team at Grain & Barrel Spirits are big Elvis fans and liked the idea of honoring his legacy by doing what we do best — producing a duo of premium whiskeys inspired by The King,” Matti Anttila, Founder and CEO of Grain & Barrel Spirits, told Rolling Stone. “The Elvis Whiskeys represent another way to memorialize and celebrate his legacy. We made it a point to create and build a brand with him in mind.”

“Most of Elvis’ young life was spent living with his maternal grandfather, the majority of whose money was made by producing and bootlegging whiskey (moonshine) to make ends meet,” continued Anttila. As a result, the company sources and produces all products in the Elvis line in his beloved state of Tennessee.

The two varieties of whiskey cost at $47.99 each or $99.99 for both. The first is called”Tiger Man,” and it offers notes of maple, creme brûlée, and caramel. The name comes from one of Elvis’s nicknames. Conflicting reports say that it was given to him either by his father or by a fan. Additionally, the King recorded a song called “Tiger Man” in 1969.

The other whiskey is called “The King,” and its name needs no explanation. This is a straight rye whiskey with notes of citrus, apple, toasted oak, and butterscotch. The labels include another fun nod to Elvis. On each bottle, it says “T.C.B.” which stands for “taking care of business.” Hardcore Elvis fans know this was a common saying of both the King and the Memphis Mafia.

Authentic Brands Group Talks Staying True to Elvis

In 2013, Authentic Brands Group purchased the controlling stake in Elvis Presley Enterprises. As a result, they control all uses of the Elvis brand. That includes his estate, his music, his movies, and any merchandising rights. The whiskey collection is a collaboration between Authentic Brands Group and Grain & Barrel Spirits.

“Elvis was one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century and his commanding voice and charismatic stage presence unleashed a musical and cultural revolution that changed the world,” said Michelle Ciciyasvili, PR Director for Authentic Brands Group. “His life and music have inspired countless hit musicals, movies and TV series, books, musical covers, and commercial endorsements, as well as a robust merchandise program spanning collectibles and fashion collaborations. More than 60 years after his global debut, his legacy is stronger than ever.”

It’s true. Even now, over 40 years after his death, Elvis fans worldwide are celebrating his birthday. So, buy yourself a bottle of whiskey and toast to the King.

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