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Breaking Bad: Why Jesse & Walt Jr. Never Actually Met

Walt Jr. was the only main character from Breaking Bad that never interacted with Jesse. Here's why they may have been kept apart in the series.

Walter White Jr. (RJ Mitte) was the only main character in Breaking Bad that never interacted with Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). Both appeared in all five seasons of the award-winning AMC series. Despite their close connections to the central character of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), the two young men didn’t meet, and that was most likely a deliberate decision on the part of showrunner Vince Gilligan. Both Jesse and Walt Jr. suffered from Walt’s actions in different ways. In the end, he became more like an enemy than any type of father figure.

When Breaking Bad began, Walt Jr. was a typical teenager and the only child of Walt and Skyler (Anna Gunn). After his father’s cancer diagnosis, Walt Jr. set up a website requesting donations to cover the cost of treatments. Meanwhile, Walt reunited with his troubled former student, Jesse, to earn money through cooking and dealing meth. When Walt and Jesse started making a splash in the drug trade, their operation grew, but their actions had dire consequences. Walt’s absences and constant lies took a toll on his family, especially his son. Tension also started to increase between Walt and Jesse when the operations became to difficult to control safely.

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There were several situations throughout Breaking Bad that could have featured Jesse and Walt Jr. interacting with one another. In season 1, Jesse called the White family home, leading to suspicion from Skyler. She then tracked Jesse down, believing he was Walt’s marijuana dealer, and threatened him if he didn’t stop providing drugs. Four seasons later, Skyler walked in on Walt and Jesse conversing at her home, so she made dinner for the pair. It would have been a perfect opportunity for Walt Jr. to come home and meet his father’s business partner. Instead, the series kept Jesse and Walt Jr. apart.

Walt Tried To Keep His Partnership With Jesse Away From His Family

Breaking Bad Confessions Walt Jesse

Walt made an effort to keep his role as Heisenberg out of his personal life. When he took on the moniker, it was almost like he was a different person. That was until, the Heisenberg persona began overtaking all aspects of his life. Despite his illicit behavior, Walt prioritized keeping his family safe. Jesse made rash decisions, and he was also a talker, which gave Walt all the more reason to put up a barrier between his business partner and family. Walt Jr. was young, but he wasn’t foolish. He would have asked a lot of questions if he met Jesse, and it would have been difficult for Walt to explain his relationship with a former burnout student.

As much as Walt tried to keep those two areas of his life separate in Breaking Bad, Jesse still caused issues when it came to the White family. After learning that Walt poisoned Brock Castillo (Ian Posada) in season 5, Jesse tried to torch Walt’s family home by pouring gasoline throughout the residence. He also assisted Hank Schrader (Dean Norris), Walt’s own brother-in-law, in nearly taking down Heisenberg before the end of the series. Had Jesse met Walt Jr., the teen could have been put in real danger. It could have also sped up the revelation of Walt’s identity since Walt Jr. would have shared his concerns regarding his father to Hank. For now, it looks like Jesse and Walt Jr. will never get a chance to meet, since the last opportunity would have been in El Camino.

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