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Breaking Bad: What Your Favorite Character Says About You

Breaking Bad is famous for its compelling and well-drawn characters. Here's what the psychology of the main characters says about their biggest fans.

Debuting in 2007 and running for 5 seasons, Breaking Bad is highly renowned and universally praised by fans and critics alike. While the story itself would have been enticing enough to keep viewers around, it was the depth and uniqueness of the characters that made the show truly stand out – and whichever character is a fan’s favorite reveals more about them than they might think.

From villains and outlaws to DEA agents and busybodies, here’s what the psychology of the main characters says about a fan’s own if they choose that particular character as their favorite.

Gus Fring

Gus Fring from Breaking Bad right before death.

Just as the show itself ranks among the top series in history, as does Gus Fring on the list of top television villains, the arch-enemy to Walter White if ever there was one. Despite ultimately being brought down by Walt, Gus was still the man that held a longstanding grudge and used it to build a drug empire and destroy the Cartel that wronged him.

So, if Gus is your favorite character, you’re a person who appreciates the long game and understands that patience is the deadliest weapon a person can use.

Mike Ehrmantraut

Mike out in the desert in Breaking Bad.

While Gus was the boss, every boss needs some muscle. A former cop, Mike did absolutely everything and anything that Gus told him to do. That said, Mike was still one of the most intelligent characters on the show and he still managed to have a genuine soft-side for his granddaughter.

If Mike happens to be your favorite character, you’re a person who appreciates your elders and realizes that things aren’t always what they seem.

Steve Gomez

Steve Gomez sitting in his office in Breaking Bad

Despite essentially playing the role of Hank’s sidekick, Steve was a much more complex character than some people realize. He was a fiercely loyal and by-the-book DEA agent who, even after they were proven wrong time after time, continued to back up his partner until the bitter end.

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So, if Gomez is your favorite character, you’re a person who is an immensely loyal friend, despite the fact that you and your friends might not always agree on everything.

Saul Goodman

Saul on the phone in his office in Breaking Bad

It’s pretty conclusive that this character was incredibly popular since he got his own spin-off show that has been praised nearly as much as it’s predecessor. That said, Saul himself was pretty shady but any person in his type of work has to work in the shadows, so it’s understandable.

If Saul happens to be your favorite character, you’re a person who knows that it’s impossible to go through life without hitting a few speed bumps and that everybody needs a person around who is capable of helping them out of trouble.

Hank Schrader

Hank points a camera at Jesse in Breaking Bad

Despite all of the terrible things Walt did perhaps the worse was that his actions led to the death of his brother-in-law, Hank. A simple man and a hardworking DEA agent trying to rid the southwest of drugs, Hank met his match when Walt turned into a drug kingpin, which resulted in Albuquerque becoming a modern-day Wild West.

If Hank is your favorite character, you’re a person who feels truly empathetic when something tragic happens to other people, especially when that tragedy could have been avoided.

Walter White Junior

Walt Junior at his house in Breaking Bad

Walter White Jr. (or Flynn) was another character that might not have seemed as complex as he truly was at first glance, but audiences can often forget that the lie Walt fed to himself throughout the series was that he was doing what he was doing for his family. So, in that regard, while Junior might not have had too many storylines himself, it was his mere presence and relationship with his father that helped allow Walt to keep eating the lie he was feeding himself.

So, if Junior is your favorite character, you could be a person who is a little underappreciated but make no mistake that your presence is just as important as every other person around you.

Marie Schrader

breaking bad

Marie was slightly more involved than Junior was in the series’ overall storyline, but she was another character whose mere presence enhanced the scene. She was the real center of Hank’s life, not Heisenberg.

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If Marie is your favorite character, you’re a person who stands up for what you believe in and refuses to even let the little things slide. But unless your spouse is a DEA agent and your brother-in-law is a drug kingpin, that should be relatively acceptable behavior.

Skyler White

Skyler with the sunlight on her face in Breaking Bad.

Widely disliked for her many questionable choices, Skyler was the one who bought the car wash and ended up working with Saul on the money laundering end of the drug empire, which required intellect and cunning.

So, if Skyler happens to be your favorite character, you’re a person who is capable of looking past people’s shortcomings and manages to look at the whole picture.

Jesse Pinkman

Jesse in Breaking Bad

A character with one of the best story arcs in all of television and far greater than that was Jesse’s emotional arc, evolving into one of the most complex and empathetic people on the entire show.

With Jesse being your favorite character, there’s no doubt you’re a person who appreciates true growth and understands the struggles/hardships that some people have to go through in order to achieve it.

Walter White

Walter White forces Elliot and Gretchen to deliver money to his son in Breaking Bad

One of the most acclaimed characters in television history, Walter White (a.k.a. Heisenberg) went from being a high school chemistry teacher with lung cancer to a criminal genius and arguably the greatest meth cook that the southwest had ever seen. Through it all, he believed he was doing it for the good of his family only to realize in the end that what he did had destroyed his family and that he did it simply for himself.

If Heisenberg is your favorite character, you can most assuredly relate to being a person who feels trapped/underappreciated/looked-over in some aspect of your life. That said, try to appreciate the things in life that you do have and try not to make any rash decisions regarding career changes.

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