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Breaking Bad: What RJ Mitte Has Done Since The Series Ended

Playing Walt Jr. in Breaking Bad was RJ Mitte's first major acting role, but he's been consistently acquiring gigs since the show ended in 2013.

RJ Mitte’s portrayal as Walter White Jr. in Breaking Bad could forever be the actor’s most notable role, but he’s continuing to expand his acting career with exciting gigs. Mitte played the son of Bryan Cranston’s Walter White for all five seasons of the award-winning AMC drama. Before appearing in 53 episodes, Mitte appeared in several notable titles. His interest in acting stemmed from uncredited work on shows like Everybody Hates Chris and Hannah Montana. Upon taking acting classes, Mitte was cast in what would become one of the greatest TV series in modern history.

When Breaking Bad premiered in 2008, Walt Jr. was the only child of Walt and Skyler White. The good-natured kid had cerebral palsy, just like Mitte, but it didn’t deter the teen. After learning of his father’s cancer diagnosis, it was Walt Jr. who created the website to help pay for treatment expenses. Meanwhile, Walt was already building his drug empire as a meth cook. As the marriage between Walt and Skyler crumbled, Walt Jr. suffered greatly, which resulted in some behavioral issues. At one point, Walt Jr. even changed his name to Flynn to distance himself from his father. With Walt’s demise, it was up to Flynn to be the man of the family for his mother and baby sister, Holly.

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Flynn’s arc beyond Walt’s death never came into focus, considering Breaking Bad‘s conclusion in 2013. That same year, Mitte appeared in a thriller titled House of Last Things and the CBS series Vegas. From there, the actor was cast in Switched at Birth, playing Campbell Bingman, a paralyzed pre-med student, for a total of nine episodes. By then, Mitte had been named a spokesperson for the Screen Actors Guild, specifically for actors with disabilities. Not long after, the actor worked on the 2015 crime drama Dixieland, and he’s continued to acquire gigs since then.

RJ Mitte

In 2016, Mitte jumped back into his Breaking Bad role by voicing Walt Jr. for the Robot Chicken episode titled “Food,” which poked fun at Walt Jr.’s love for breakfast foods. He also starred in a film titled Who’s Driving Doug before appearing in Wesley Snipe’s The Recall and a thriller called Time Share. To switch up his ordinary TV and movie work, Mitte served as a participant on a 2017 episode of The Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls. Mitte then jumped right back into acting by working on movies River Run Red and Standing Up for Sunny in addition to shows such as Chance and This Close.

Though Mitte didn’t appear in El Camino, a sequel movie to Breaking Bad, the actor did star in a few recent projects. He played Leif in a pair of episodes for the Starz series Now Apocalypse in 2019. The year after, the actor portrayed the lead in the Canadian thriller The Oak Room, directed by Cody Calahan.

Mitte is interested in reprising his Walt Jr. role one day, which could come to fruition if more Breaking Bad spinoffs are explored. Granted, he’s remaining busy through 2021 and beyond. Next up, Mitte will be seen in Triumph, a movie about a teen with cerebral palsy with hopes of wrestling. He’s also been tapped for future movies, including Isaac, Trail Blazers, Escape from Paradise, Somebody Like You, and the TV series titled Like It Was Yesterday.

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