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Breaking Bad: What Happened To Brock Cantillo

Brock Cantillo didn't spend much time on Breaking Bad, but the character had a lasting impact on Jesse Pinkman. Here's what happened to the young boy.

Brock Cantillo’s time on Breaking Bad might not have been long, but the young character made a lasting impact on Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). The six-year-old, played by Ian Posada, was first introduced toward the end of Breaking Bad season 3 as the son of Andrea Cantillo (Emily Rios), the woman Jesse met at a Narcotics Anonymous. Here’s what happened to Brock and how he affected Jesse’s life after the AMC series came to a close.

When Jesse encountered Andrea at the Narcotic Anonymous meeting, he had plans to sell her meth. That changed when he learned about her young son, Brock. Jesse soon entered a relationship with Andrea and formed a strong bond with Brock. With Jesse’s income working in the meth superlab with Walter White (Bryan Cranston), he was able to help Andrea and Brock move out of their dangerous neighborhood. Unfortunately, Brock became a target when Walt secretly poisoned the boy with berries from a Lily of the Valley plant as a way to manipulate Jesse. When Brock fully recovered in season 5, Jesse broke up with Andrew to protect her from the dangers that came with the drug trafficking. It didn’t matter in the end since Andrea was murder by Todd Alquist (Jesse Plemons) as Jesse’s punishment for trying to escape from the white supremacist compound.

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Jesse got his chance to avenge Andrea’s death when Walt infiltrated the compound in the Breaking Bad series finale. Whereas Walt killed most of the men with his machine gun, Jesse personally killed Todd before escaping. As for Brock, his fate remained unknown but it was clear that he was still alive. It was speculated that his great-grandmother became his legal guardian following Andrea’s death. The woman was seen in Breaking Bad season 3 and an episode in the following installment when Brock was in the hospital. Though he didn’t appear directly on-screen, Brock was a major factor in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

Brock Had A Looming Presence In El Camino But Didn’t Appear

Aaron Paul as Jesse in Breaking Bad El Camino

Considering El Camino was set to examine what happened to Jesse after Breaking Bad, many viewers predicted he would reunite with Brock. That didn’t turn out to be true but the young boy was the driving force behind Jesse’s survival. In a series of flashbacks to when Jesse was still held captive, it was revealed that he met their demands because Todd and the gang threatened Brock’s life. This was why Jesse never tried to escape prior to Walt’s ambush. He already felt responsible for Andrea’s murder and he couldn’t fathom also being the cause of Brock’s demise.

When Jesse finally found a chance a clean slate, thanks to Ed Galbraith (Robert Forster), he made sure to write Brock a letter. El Camino never revealed what was in the letter, but it was presumed that Jesse poured his heart and soul into his message for Brock. The two had a special relationship and it crushed Jesse knowing the pain he caused the young boy. Brock would have been in good hands with his great-grandmother, but it wouldn’t have been a surprise to learn that Jesse kept trying to financially support the child. Jesse didn’t have access to a lot of money in his newfound life but he would have done anything to help the boy as previously proven in Breaking Bad.

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