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Breaking Bad: Walter Jr.’s 10 Best Quotes

Walter Jr. provides some of the more memorable and emotionally powerful lines in the series, delivered convincingly by RJ Mitte.

AMC’s hit crime drama Breaking Bad has more than its share of antiheroes at the center of some grim and occasionally violent happenings. This certainly makes for an entertaining watch, though it also begs for some more benign and innocent characters to balance the scales. This is where Walter Jr. comes in; the son of a rather nefarious man who ironically shares his name, and the show’s rare moral, innocent center. Much like Skyler, Jr.’s role in this series usually amounts to serving as the grounded remnant of Walt’s more humble, pure family life.

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Still, that doesn’t mean that he’s a bland character or that he’s insignificant to the plot – far from it. In fact, Walter Jr. provides some of the more memorable and emotionally powerful lines in the series, delivered convincingly by RJ Mitte. This list will highlight 10 of the best quotes from Walter Jr., also known as Flynn.

“Do I Look Like A Skater?”

Walt Skyler and Walt Jr. shopping for pants in the Breaking Bad pilot episode

It’s clear this character doesn’t let his cerebral palsy define him or hold him down. In fact, he seems to admirably embrace it with both his positive spirit and the occasional joke. A prime example takes place in the very first episode when he’s picking out pants with his parents, and Skyer informs him that “those are in style – the skaters wear them.” 

Jr.’s response is at once amusing and telling about his character, as he’s determined to hold his head high and maintain a positive, whimsical attitude.

“I Don’t Know What Your Problem Is. You May Not Love Him Anymore, But I Do!”

Walter Jr. has to go through quite a bit in this series, despite being left in the dark for a long time as to his father’s drug business. One particularly gutwrenching moment, however, is when Walt is forced out of the family house without his son having any idea why.

Jr.’s justified anger and bewilderment set the stage for some intense scenes, and it’s easy to sympathize with him as well as the target of his venom, Skyler. This quote is truly impactful, both in its raw delivery and emphatic wording. It reinforces Jr.’s passion and his support for his father, as well as the family at large.

“My Dad Is My Hero.”

Walt with his family

Keeping with the theme of Jr.’s strength and loyalty, this line spoken to an interviewer regarding his father’s cancer charity is similarly heartfelt.

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At this point in the series, it’s also fairly justified, as Walt’s proven to be an overall kind and supportive father. Of course, this soon takes a bitter turn, as he becomes increasingly distant and reckless. It also makes it all the more heartbreaking when Jr. finally does learn of his dad’s secret drug enterprise and the negative implications that come with it.

“But I Kept Up, Right? I Drank Three.”

Walt forces Walter Jr to drink more liqour than he can handle

One of Walter Jr.’s defining characteristics is maintaining high spirits and being a good sport, even when things start taking a turn for the worse. A great example of this occurs late in season 2, where Walt’s clearly perturbed by the fact that he’ll likely be living a bit longer than he had hoped and planned for.

During a house party, Walt all-but forces his son to down a few shots of liquor, while nearly getting into a fistfight with his brother-in-law. Despite this, the lad naturally finds this tough to stomach and throws up, he brushes it off with this amusing line to his dad.

“So Were You Lying Then, Or Are You Lying Now? Which Lie Is It?”

RJ Mitte as Walter Jr.

Jr. is clearly rattled after it’s revealed his own father is a prominent drug kingpin in the Southwest, (likely) responsible for much pain and suffering. As his mother reluctantly tells this to him, he responds with a remark that’s both clever and emotionally powerful. He really does pose a good point – and illustrates where he’s at mentally at this moment.

His trust in his own parents has been thoroughly shattered, naturally causing him to question just about everything. It’s really an intense, heartbreaking scene, and this quote conveys this.

“Then Why Don’t You Just Die Already?”

Inside Walt's house in Breaking Bad

There’s definitely a bit of a “yin” and “yang” when it comes to Jr.’s kindness and support of his father; justifiably so. They say that love and hate are two sides of the same coin, and Jr. seems to convey both with his dad – even when he isn’t aware of Walt’s nefarious dealings.

In a harsh remark born of frustration, Jr. tells his dad he may as well give up when he refuses to get treatment for his cancer. It’s a sort of “tough love” statement that reveals more about Jr.’s passionate nature and seemingly gives his dad some food for thought.

“At Least Last Night You Were – You Were Real, You Know?”

There are many endearing moments when it comes to dialogues between Walt and his son, but this one may just take the cake. After getting socked in the face by Jesse, Walt plays it off as a gambling escapade gone wrong, which naturally provokes curiosity from Jr.

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When Walt expresses regret that his son saw him emotionally distraught the next morning, Jr. responds with this line. It’s powerful in that it’s heartfelt while being a bit sad in its implications. It shows just how emotionally distant Jr. has grown from his secretive father, and how much he yearns for his sincerity.

“Just Shut Up. Just Stop It. I Don’t Want Anything From You.”

Walt and Walt Jr in Breaking Bad

The last handful of Breaking Bad episodes provide some gutwrenching, tearjerking moments, and the episode “Granite State” certainly has its share of them. One brutal scene involves Walt, who is now hiding out in New Hampshire, desperately trying to get Jr. to discretely accept his earnings.

Not only does he refuse – which would render Walt’s endeavor useless – but he angrily requests he “just die already.” This one is rough for all sorts of reasons, though it’s also an understandable bout of anger from Jr.’s point of view.

“All This That I’ve Been Through – And You’re Scared Of A Little Chemotherapy?”

In season 1, Walt and his family are sitting around discussing the prospect of going through Chemotherapy. Of course, at this point in the show, both Skyler and Jr. are imploring that he take the treatment.

This is a rare instance in the show in which Jr. mentions his condition, and it makes this line of dialogue all the more impactful because of it. It’s an effective way for Jr. to appeal to his dad’s emotions by putting things in perspective for him and trying to relate to him in a sense.

“If All This Is True And You Knew About It, Then You’re As Bad As Him.”

Breaking Bad Walter Jr Skyler Driving Home

Another powerful line that follows Jr.’s revelation Walt’s dealings occurs when he and Skyler are driving home. After ironically telling Jr. to put on his seatbelt for “safety,” he scoffs at the idea and follows up with this dagger of a statement.

While it’s probably a bit harsh from Skyler’s perspective, it does make sense from the vantage point of a distraught Jr., who seemingly trusted his mom even more than Walt. It’s a powerful reminder that in fact, Walt wasn’t the only one to “break bad” in this series.

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