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Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston Reveals He Had Coronavirus

Former Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston is the latest celebrity to reveal a positive coronavirus test, which he has since recovered from.

Former Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston is the latest celebrity to reveal a positive coronavirus test, which he has since recovered from. The COVID-19 pandemic has remained one of the most important stories in recent history, now responsible for taking over 150,000 American lives. It has continued to spread indiscriminately across the country, with some major celebrities becoming advocates for personal responsibility and social distancing after bouts with the respiratory disease.

One of the first big celebrities to reveal a positive coronavirus diagnosis was Tom Hanks. When Hanks disclosed he and his wife, actress Rita Wilson, tested positive for the disease back in mid-March, it became one of the first flashpoints around the globe signifying the seriousness of this disease. Since then, many celebrities have shared their positive test results with the public in an effort to inspire more collective action to fight the coronavirus. D.L. Hughley and Shannon Beador are among the celebrities who have recently revealed their illnesses.

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Cranston is the latest to come forward with his own COVID-19 tale. The actor took to Instagram to discuss his diagnosis, labeling his caption as a “COVID-19 announcement.” In his caption, Cranston discussed the need to remain patient in this global fight, noting his strict adherence to safety protocols wasn’t enough to prevent him from contracting the disease. Cranston only suffered from “mild symptoms,” but he encouraged everyone to continue to demonstrate best safety practices, such as washing hands, remaining socially distant, and “wearing the damn mask.” Check out Cranston’s post below:

In the accompanying video, Cranston discussed some of his experience with COVID-19. The actor also showed his time at the UCLA Blood & Platelet Center, where he decided to donate plasma. The plasma donation serves a double purpose, providing doctors with COVID-19 antibodies that can be used to fight off the disease in others with more severe symptoms, as well as providing researchers with more biological data about how the disease functions within people’s cells.

Cranson has over 2.5 million followers on Instagram, and his post had received almost 200,000 views as of this writing, so his message is getting across to a large amount of people. Cranson’s account of the plasma donation experience could be particular useful, as it makes the experience seem less scary than others might think it would be. This could then encourage others to do the same. Perhaps Cranston will also have time to spread his message if there are any promotional events for his upcoming film The One and Only Ivan, which is set to be released on Disney+ on August 14. Despite Breaking Bad being in his past, Bryan Cranston is still delivering important performances through his coronavirus advocacy.

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