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Breaking Bad-Inspired Definitely Not Fried Chicken Is a Gus Fring Simulator

Definitely Not Fried Chicken is a sim game that allows players to live out their wildest Breaking Bad-inspired fried chicken empire fantasies.

A new fried chicken/drug empire sim dubbed Definitely Not Fried Chicken has taken major inspiration from the immensely popular television show Breaking Bad to deliver a game unlike any other on Steam later this year. Now, truth be told there has already been an official game based on the antics of Walter White and Jessie Pinkman known as Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements. That title released on Android and iOS in 2019 and took more inspiration from developer Supercell’s mobile hit Clash of Clans than the show of the same name. In the years since it hasn’t appeared to have had a lasting impact.

In truth, a proper sim based on the business side of Breaking Bad may have always been a better play – as it has proven to be one of the more engaging settings in both the show in question and its ongoing spin-off series Better Call Saul. While it looks as if the showrunners and license holders for that franchise aren’t too bothered to get caught up in another game, a small studio called Dope Games is hard at work on delivering a concept that looks to recreate the thrill of running Gus Fring’s fried chicken/drug running empire.

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That’s right, Definitely Not Fried Chicken delivers a setting for a new romp that is eerily similar to that of Los Pollos Hermanos – the restaurant chain run by the aforementioned crime lord Gus Fring from Breaking Bad. As the name of the game doesn’t overtly imply, players will be balancing their two very different businesses in the simulator. One being the fast-food fried chicken sector and the other being a drug empire that consists of making and selling everything from marijuana, meth, cocaine, and whatever else players can get their hands on. All of it should make for a very different simulator game when indie publisher Merge Games brings it to PC (via Steam) later this year.

Players will be able to push their wares across venues ranging from chicken restaurants to clubs, allowing the narcotic empire to blossom in the shadows. Of course, a business can only boom when high employee morale keeps them productive – and loyal. Failing to look after employees could lead to all kinds of horrible things happening. Not only a dip in profits, but the death of a worker is entirely possible as well. With that said, it’s probably best to avoid having literal skeletons in a closet during a rousing session of Definitely Not Fried Chicken.

More and more sims have begun to show up recently, with some of the popular takes on the genre being the licensed Jurassic World Evolution. While Breaking Bad may not be getting an official game anytime soon, at least fans of the show have something of an homage to the beloved TV series in Definitely Not Fried Chicken from Dope Games and Merge Games.

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