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Breaking Bad: Each Main Character’s First and Last Line In The Series

Breaking Bad was one of the most impactful TV series of all time, and here are the first and last statements of some of its most crucial characters.

Breaking Bad is considered by many to be one of the best television shows of all time. For five seasons, the show had audiences gripped as everyone wondered how the dark journey of Walter White would end and who would be left standing when it was all over.

The show did an amazing job of building these character arcs that kept viewers hooked. Many consider the show to have only improved over time leading to an explosive and satisfying finale. Looking back on the series’ early days right through to the end, the first and last lines of the characters show their journeys.

Walt Jr.

RJ Mitte

“Hey.” – “Just die already, just die!”

When the series begins, Walt Jr. is the only child of Walt and Skyler, although Skyler is pregnant with their second. His first line is simply him greeting his parents at the breakfast table. In the final season, after Walt went on the run, he calls his son to get some closure only for Walt Jr. to tell his father to die.

This is a perfect example of the cost of Walt’s criminal life. The son who once loved him and who he shared breakfast with now sees him as a monster and wishes for his death.


Breaking Bad Felina Marie on Phone with Skyler

“She’s showing a little.” – “You got it.”

During Walt’s birthday party in the first episode, someone compliments Skyler on how good she looks while pregnant, but her sister, Marie, begs to differ, hinting that their relationship isn’t always warm. In the final episode, Marie calls Skyler to warn her Walt is back in town and promises that everything will be alright.

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After losing her husband to Walt’s crimes, Marie has turned from the somewhat judgmental sister to being fearlessly protective of Skyler in the aftermath of it all.


Todd comforts Walt after Hank gets killed in Breaking Bad

“No stealing.” – “Mr. White.”

Todd was introduced without much impact as a member of the extermination crew helping provide cover for Walt and Jesse’s cooking. He takes Mike’s directions of no stealing very seriously. Following Walt’s assault on the neo-Nazi compound in the finale, Todd can only react in bewilderment before he is killed by Jesse.

Todd was so unsettling because he seemed like a normal guy who ended up doing horrible things. Even his reaction to Walt’s attack is very muted and almost emotionless.

Gus Fring

Gus Fring's death scene in Breaking Bad

“Lucy, you must remember to have the salt and pepper shakers wiped.” – “Last chance to look at me, Hector.”

While Walt is waiting to meet a distributor at a fast-food restaurant, Gus Fring is introduced as the restaurant manager who casually instructs his young staff. Fring is, of course, a drug lord, and his final appearance sees him meeting with Hector Salamanca for the last time. After asking him to look at his, Hector stares into his eyes before blowing Gus up.

The first appearance shows Fring’s dedication to keeping his cover as a small business owner. His empire is destroyed when Fring tries to fulfill his desire for revenge against Hector.


Lawyer Saul Goodman inside his office

“Hi, I’m Saul Goodman.” – “It’s over.”

After Badger is arrested for dealing, Saul Goodman’s extremely cheesy law commercial is shown where the sleazy lawyer introduces himself. He is last seen going into hiding and telling Walt that their whole business has collapsed and it is all over.

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Saul’s first and last lines actually set up his journey in Better Call Saul perfectly. The follow-up series explores both Saul’s beginnings as that sleazy lawyer and where he ended up after leaving Walt.


Mike stood outside in a jacket in Breaking Bad

“Saul Goodman sent me.” – “Shut the f**k up and let me die in peace.”

Following Jane’s death, Mike Ehrmantraut is sent over to Jesse’s apartment to clean up the situation. Mike’s end comes when he is forced to go on the run and has a final confrontation with Walt. After Walt shoots Mike in anger, he tries to apologize, but Mike shuts him down and dies quietly.

Mike was the ultimate tough guy who did the dirty jobs with a cool and level-head. His final line shows he was a tough guy to the end and one of the few who could always but Walt in his place.


Hank's death scene in Breaking Bad

“Glock 22, that’s my daily carry.” – “Do what you’re going to do.”

During Walt’s birthday party, his brother-in-law Hank Shrader shows off to all of the men by flashing his DEA gun. In the brilliant episode “Ozymandias,” Hank is confronted by Uncle Jack and his gang. Knowing this is the end, he tells Jack to get on with it and is immediately executed.

While Hank might have seemed like a boneheaded cop at first, he proves himself to be a true hero cop. He maintains his strength and bravery right up until his heartbreaking end.


Skyler in a hotel room in Breaking Bad

“Happy birthday.” – “Flynn will be home soon.”

As Walt sits down at the breakfast table in the pilot episode, Skyler presents him with a special breakfast and wishes him a happy 50th birthday. The finale finds Walt secretly visiting Skyler and apologizing to her. Saying goodbye, she tells him their son will be home soon and he should leave.

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This is another fine example of how far Walt’s downfall was. Though the birthday breakfast might seem mundane, it is paradise compared to how his family turns out. The fact that his son is no longer going by Walt Jr. is an especially devastating blow.


Jesse in his car in Breaking Bad

“How’d you find me?” – “Then do it yourself.”

While on a ride-along to one of Hank’s raids, Walt sees his fellow student Jesse Pinkman escaping the raid. Walt later tracks him down to start their criminal partnership. In the finale, Jesse confronts Walt with a gun, and Walt tells him he wants him to shoot him, but Jesse refuses, saying he’ll have to do it himself.

The first line is the beginning of their partnership that ends up scarring Jesse in many ways. After being used and manipulated by Walt again and again, Jesse refuses to allow him to do it anymore and leaves Walt.


walter white

“S**t!” – “Well, goodbye Lydia.”

The series opens with the Walt driving his RV drug lab through the desert and crashing it, causing him to utter his frustrated first line. The final line of the series is Walt telling Lydia he poisoned her and bidding her farewell before he himself goes off to die.

It is fitting that Walt is the one to get the first and last lines in the series. While his first line is understandable, his last line is a bit of a disappointment as it seemed to just be tying up one loose end.

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