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Breaking Bad Characters Sorted Into Their Game Of Thrones Houses

Ever wondered how Heisenberg would do in Westeros? We sort Breaking Bad's characters into their Game of Thrones family houses and explain or choices.

In a show that’s about drugs, murder, and many other somewhat justifiable criminal activities, Breaking Bad’s handling with morality (or lack thereof) is dealt with shades of grey. Characters usually just follow their own motivations and in turn, end up showing their underbellies and what makes them tick.

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Their personalities are certainly distinct and clashing, sometimes complementing each other– chemistry, basically. Hence, we can’t help but crossover these characters to the Houses of Westeros and check where they belong. Lots of Lannisters here that’s for sure, but they’re quite diverse. Here are the Game of Thrones Houses of Breaking Bad‘s main characters.


Marie in Breaking Bad emerging from hallway

First off in this list is Marie Schrader, Hank’s eccentric and charming missus who gives Barney the Dinosaur a run for his money with how much she loves purple. Anyway, Marie might appear to be a grandiose and narcissistic person given her penchant for expensive things (which she does not pay for) but deep down, she’s a family person.

That’s why Marie gets the House Tully treatment. Their words are “Family, Duty, Honor.” Her unwavering loyalty to her grumpy husband despite their differences and frequent fights is astounding. Moreover, Marie’s concern for the other members of her family is something that completes their social circle and gives it a lot of life.


Actor RJ Mitte as Walter Jr in Breaking Bad

Walter White Jr. might have gotten the short end of the stick in genetics but he’s no doubt a bright kid worthy of his father’s approval. Walter Jr. has shown many times how savvy he is with technology and websites, especially with the way he helped his father receive some cancer donations and funding. Only members of House Tully have the drive to do that.

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Moreover, Walter Jr. is just independent in his own way and knows how to make his own decisions such as thinking rationally even though everyone else around him is high on emotions. He’s certainly dutiful enough to his family enough to know that his father is never to be trusted again once he found out that he was a drug lord. For a 17-year-old, that’s quite impressive.


Steven Gomez pointing a gun in Breaking Bad

Hank’s partner in anti-crime and his best buddy, Steve Gomez was always a good law enforcement officer whose a lot more level-headed. Nevertheless, Steve Gomez is no doubt, belongs to House Stark. His display of being a straight-laced officer and skill with guns is something that goes well with Hank’s macho personality.

Steve has always put his life on the line for Hank and even accompanied him in some of their most dangerous cases, even if it meant certain death. Sadly, this did lead to his death at the hands of Jack Welker. Prior to that, Steve proved instrumental in his knowledge of the cartel’s inner workings in Albuquerque.


Mike Ehrmantraut in Better Call Saul.

Mike is the apogee of experience and veterancy in Breaking Bad with how he seems to be the most reliable person around. His loyalty can certainly be bought and despite his incredible display of deception and trickery, he never desires for much power and is generally way too cautious, waiting for the right time to strike. In fact, he’s one of the most careful characters in the show.

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This earns him a place in House Martell for creativity, wit, cunning, and individuality that’s both practical and long-term. It’s difficult to outsmart or catch Mike in that regard and only a couple of people are able to do so in the show– one of them even killed him. Regardless, this fan-favorite badass is probably the most clever old man on television.


Gus in Breaking Bad

Speaking of another smart old man, Gustavo Fring deserves to be in Lannister. He’d fit right in, though he’ll probably want to murder all other members of his house just to be virtually unopposed and have full control. This places him in House Lannister for his raw and unstoppable ambition and cunning.

Gustavo Fring is the quintessential businessman in Breaking Bad whose professionally amoral and calculating to the point of appearing inhuman. He’s also a natural leader and has a determination that’s more unyielding and dangerous than Walter White’s. He keeps tabs on every debt, be it financial or blood.


Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad

Much like Gus, our favorite criminal lawyer, Saul Goodman also fits in quite well with Lannister but he’ll probably swindle everyone there and ruin all their relationships with each other. Saul Goodman’s cunning and penchant for lies and speechcraft is just pure Lannister material. Heck, he could probably talk to, lie, and convince their House leader to be replaced by him and disown everybody else in the family.

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That shows how good he is at what he does, which is cutting corners. He is also ambitious enough and is a perfect example of self-preservation as he frequently acts on his own best interests throughout the show. If that’s now enough for you, he’s also one of the most resourceful people in Breaking Bad and is a close rival to Mike and Walter.


Hank Schrader watches intently from his car in Breaking Bad.

Hank Schrader certainly hits House Stark traits due to being a DEA office alone. He practically wears all Stark qualities on his skin from courage, bravery, pride, and adherence to honor and justice. This does lead to some poor violent decisions on his part like bar fights or beating up Jesse Pinkman blue.

Nevertheless, it just proves that Hank is an undeniable Stark. He probably always has been a Stark since he did choose a law enforcement career instead of something safer or with less involvement with criminals. This does make Hank the perfect villain for someone like Walter White, more on him later.


Skyler White in Breaking Bad

This is a tough one… or not, Skyler basically threw out her Stark tendencies when she cheated needlessly on Walter White. If anything that also just shows selfishness on her part or maybe it’s her being daring, whichever your perspective is. Even so, Skyler is a solid Tully for being a rash but a decent mother.

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She was poised to confront her son’s bullies and also confronted Jesse Pinkman, knowing that he’s a criminal when she thought Jesse was ruining his husband’s life. Skyler was also concerned enough for her family’s well-being to convince Walt to undergo chemotherapy. There’s no doubt that she can appear self-righteous and arrogant, as with some Tullys.


jesse pinkman

Now for the most loyal sidekick award in the show, we have Jesse Pinkman. Okay, he did betray Walter White to the DEA but at that point, Jesse was already doing the right legal and moral thing (he found out that Walt poisoned Brock). Give Jesse some slack, he endured Walt’s mistreatment and manipulation for five seasons. For that, he deserves the House Stark loyalty award.

Starks are genuine, loyal, and diligent, which are what Jesse is underneath the gangsta facade. His being a drug dealer apparently didn’t ruin some of what his moral compass encompasses, such as children and innocent lives. You can bet that Jesse feels the most guilt out of all the characters in the show and is the most conscientious.


Bryan Cranston as Walter White Heisenberg in Breaking Bad

Walter White is many things and he falls in many categories including a Tully and Lannister but, come the fifth season of Breaking Bad, he’s a clear Targaryen. The thing is, he could have just listened to Mike and opt not to kill or oppose an initially reasonable Gus, but he just had to do it because he has to be the danger and believes his enemies owe him that much.

Walt’s ambition toppled drug empires and on top of the ashes, he built his own. Leading an impressive double life also gives him points for charisma and resourcefulness. In the end, he was able to take what he wanted and crush all his enemies, only to lose everything again shortly after.

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