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Breaking Bad Cast: Ranked By Their Net Worth

How much money have Bob Odenkirk, Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, and the rest of the Breaking Bad cast amassed over the years? Here's the rundown!

Breaking Bad is easily one of the best series to have ever graced the small screen. While the writing and the story are a big part of what made it so great, it’s the amazing Breaking Bad cast that really brought the characters and premise to life. Interestingly, most of the main cast members were all pretty known actors who had impressive resumes already in a variety of genres. Some of them, in fact, had been acting for decades. But others were just getting their start.

Now, pretty much every single actor is well-known because of the series and its success, and many have gone on to enjoy more success since this series ended. All net worth figures notes are from

Updated on October 3rd, 2021 by Christine Persaud: Even though Breaking Bad ended years ago, it remains one of the most prolific and popular series to have ever aired on television. Thanks to the prequel series Better Call Saul and the movie El Camino continuing the story in two unique ways, the characters live in. As the years go by, many of them continued to act, taking their net worths to new heights.

Lavell Crawford (Huell Babineaux) Net Worth – $500,000

Huell denies knowing about Walt's money Breaking Bad, looking upset.

Crawford’s net worth stands at half a million dollars. The actor, who is actually also a stand-up comedian, is best known for his role on this show as Huell Babineaux, which he also reprised for the prequel series Better Call Saul.

He has taken other acting gigs to earn funds as well, including playing Gus Patch in the Netflix original movie The Ridiculous 6. But he has had small roles dating all the way back to 1999, his film debut, in Beverly Hood.

Mark Margolis (Hector Salamanca) Net Worth – $1.5 Million

Mark Margolis as Hector Salamanca in Breaking Bad

It might surprise fans to know that, despite appearing in a number of high-profile projects, Margolis, who wonderfully portrayed the terrifying former drug lord Hector–one of the smartest villains on Breaking Badactually ranks among the lowest in terms of cast net worth at $1.5 million.

In addition to his major role at the beginning of the prequel series Better Call Saul, the veteran actor was famously “The Shadow” in Scarface as well as Antonio Nappa in Oz. Some might also recall him from the ’90s hit comedy movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Margolis’ resume is long and storied, dating back to the ’70s.

Steven Michael Quezada (Steve Gomez) Net Worth – $2 Million

With a reported $2 million net worth, Quezada is native to Albuquerque where he still lives with his family, where the show was filmed on location. Playing Steven Gomez, the DEA agent and partner to Hank on the series is one of his most notable roles.

Quezada only started acting in movies recently, starting with the TV movie Three Wise Guys in 2005. In addition to appearing in an episode of Better Call Saul, he has also had small roles in Roswell, New Mexico, and appeared in movies like 3 From Hell and Wish Man.

Laura Fraser (Lydia Rodarte-Quayle) Net Worth – $3 Million

Born in Scotland, Fraser has amassed a pretty nice fortune from her acting roles, which includes the opportunist and quietly dangerous Lydia on Breaking Bad. She played the role beautifully and believably, which is why Lydia ranks among the greatest supporting characters in Breaking Bad.

In addition to this role, which she reprised in Better Call Saul, fans might also recognize her from the urban fantasy series Neverwhere where she played Door in her breakout role. She also played Kate in the movie A Knight’s Tale.

RJ Mitte (Walter White, Jr.) Net Worth – $3 Million

Not surprising given that Mitte was arguably the least known actor in the series’ main cast, the young man also has the lowest net worth, though it is still a respectable $2.5 million. Mitte, who played Walter White’s teenage son on the series, was a polarizing character. Some fans understood why he would be so troubled by his father’s actions while others felt just as annoyed with him as they did about his mother, Skyler.

Along with his most recognizable role as Walt Jr., Mitte went on to star in a variety of small films, including Stump and House of Last Things and served as an executive producer for the documentary Vanished: The Tara Calico Story. He also had a recurring role on the series Switched at Birth and did modeling for Gap. Mitte has cerebral palsy and is also a vocal supporter of differently-abled actors.

Jessica Hecht (Gretchen Schwartz) Net Worth – $3 Million

Gretchen and Elliott at a party in Breaking Bad

Jessica Hecht had a supporting role within Breaking Bad, playing Gretchen, who was a big part of Walt’s past. Fans found Walt’s decision to break up with her to be one of the most questionable dating choices on Breaking Bad. Her marriage with Elliot, however, was an important one throughout the series and Jessica played it perfectly by being one of few actual kind characters in the show.

However, Hecht is actually best known for being part of another mammoth television series, Friends, which helped build her net worth of $3 million. She was heavily involved early on in the show as Susan, Carol’s partner, which caused great distress to Carol’s former husband, Ross. Most recently, fans might recognize Hecht from her leading role in the HBO series The Outsider.

John de Lancie (Donald Margolis) Net Worth – $4 Million

Fans might not realize given his dramatic performance in Breaking Bad as Jane’s wealthy and grieving father that de Lancie is actually a stand-up comedian. He also earns some of his $4 million fortune, through producing, writing, and working as a musician, singer, and voice artist.

In addition to his small Breaking Bad role, de Lancie is actually best known for playing Q in a variety of Star Trek series. He was also a soap opera actor, playing Eugene Bradford in Days of Our Lives, and appeared as Frank Simmons in Stargate SG-1. His voice might also sound recognizable as that of Discord from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Betsy Brandt (Marie Schrader) Net Worth – $4 Million

With a net worth of $4 million, Brandt is surprisingly low on the list when compared to her castmates. This is despite having appeared in several high-profile series, including this one, as Detective Hank Schrader’s wife and Skyler’s sister, Marie, as well as a lead role in the CBS sitcom Life in Pieces.

She also appeared in Parenthood, The Michael J. Fox Show, and Members Only. Acting since the ’90s, Brandt has a pretty long list of impressive credits to her name, even if they are just small parts, including additional shows like NCIS, The Practice, Boston Legal, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Raymond Cruz (Tuco Salamanca) Net Worth – $4 Million

Another member of the Breaking Bad cast with a net worth of $4 million is Raymond Cruz, who takes on the role of Tuco Salamanca. He is one of the most memorable villains on the show, being an unhinged drug addict and dealer, and someone with major aggression problems.

He reprised the role in Better Call Saul as well, with the prequel series featuring Tuco heavily at times, developing his individual personality further to help the character become even more popular. He has also had starring roles in The Closer and its spin-off Major Crimes where, interestingly, he plays a character on the other side of the criminal coin as a detective.  

Dean Norris (Hank Schrader) Net Worth – $5 Million

Hank Schrader was Walter White’s clever and morally sound brother-in-law who also happened to be a DEA agent and almost caught Walt many times on Breaking Bad. While this is arguably Norris’s most popular role, he has been acting for some time. He went on to star in the CBS series Under the Dome as well as in the TNT series Claws. He briefly reprised his role as Hank for the Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul.

But Norris is also a pretty prolific movie actor as well, having appeared in some big ones like Lethal Weapon 2, Hard To Kill, Total Recall, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Firm – the list goes on. This is what makes it so surprising that Norris’ net worth isn’t higher than the $5 million that it is. He currently stars in the sitcom United States of Al.

Jonathan Banks (Mike Ehrmantraut) Net Worth – $5 Million

mike breaking bad

Anyone 30 or younger knows Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut from Breaking Bad, the former cop turned private investigator, fixer, and hitman who possesses a special set of skills. He reprises this role as a main character on the spin-off/prequel series Better Call Saul.

But anyone over the age of 30 recognizes Banks for his roles in the ’80s and ’90s movies like Airplane!, 48 Hrs., and Beverly Hills Cop. Needless to say, Banks has amassed his net worth over more than 50 years in the business. That said, he has only been getting the recognition he deserves of late, having received six Emmy Award nominations for both series as well as the sequel film El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, in which he also reprised this role.

David Costabile (Gale Boetticher) Net Worth – $6 Million

Gale inside the laboratory in Breaking Bad

David Costabile is an extremely gifted actor who has been involved in countless television shows and theatre performances. In Breaking Bad he plays Gale, who is over the top with his positivity and excitement, despite being completely out of his comfort zone.

Away from this role, Costabile has helped grow his $6 million net worth by being involved in Billions, The Wire, and he also played Daniel Hardman in the hit show, Suits.

Anna Gunn (Skyler White) Net Worth – $9 Million

Skyler White in Breaking Bad

Gunn likely had to work pretty hard to shake off the hatred fans had for her character Skyler, Walter White’s wife. Fans believe, in fact, that Skyler from Breaking Bad got worse and worse over time. This remains her most noteworthy role and the one that likely contributed the most to her $7 million net worth.

Before that role, Gunn starred in The Practice as well as the HBO series Deadwood. She went on star in a few film and stage projects, including the off-Broadway play Sex with Strangers, which was directed by David Schwimmer. Most recently, she appeared as a sheriff in one episode of Prodigal Son.

Krysten Ritter (Jane Margolis) Net Worth – $7 Million

Jane smoking and looking at Jesse in Breaking Bad

Krysten Ritter is another actress with a net worth of $7 million, although fans didn’t hate her character on the show. Jane is someone who a lot of people had huge sympathy for due to Walt’s actions towards her, especially due to the brilliant relationship she had with Jesse before drugs got in the way.

Aside from playing the emotional character of Jane, Ritter is best known for portraying a superhero herself. She was involved in the MCU show Jessica Jones on Netflix, where she played the titular character.

Giancarlo Esposito (Gustavo Fring) Net Worth – $8 Million

Gus Fring sits in restaurant booth with Walt in Breaking Bad

Esposito has been part of some of the biggest TV series of this generation, including Once Upon a Time, Dear White People, The Boys, The Mandalorian, and Westworld, along with both Breaking Bad and its spin-off series Better Call Saul. This makes his net worth surprisingly less than fans might expect.

In addition to playing drug kingpin Gus Fring in the Breaking Bad universe, Esposito, who has been acting for decades, has also appeared in a long list of Spike Lee films, including Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, and Mo’ Better Blues, as well as other high-profile movies like The Usual Suspects, Ali, The Jungle Book, and, most recently, Stargirl. It’s not surprising that many of Giancarlo Esposito’s best roles are the villain ones.

Jesse Plemons (Todd Alquist) Net Worth – $8 Million

Todd Alquist looking to the distance in Breaking Bad.

Plemons is arguably the biggest rising star from the series. He was initially best known for playing a younger version of Matt Damon in All The Pretty Horses. He gained more notoriety after starring in the NBC drama Friday Night Lights. But it was his role as the terrifying and psychopathic killer Todd Alquist on Breaking Bad, which he reprised in a bigger way for the sequel film El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, that really put him on the map.

Plemons also starred in the FX series Fargo and in the Emmy-winning episode of anthology series Black Mirror called “USS Callister,” which easily ranks among the top five best episodes of Black Mirror. He has also appeared in movies like The Irishman, ViceGame Night, and Jungle Cruise. So, chances are, Plemons’ net worth will skyrocket over the next decade.

Bill Burr (Patrick Kuby) Net Worth – $12 Million

Bill Burr as Patrick Kuby in Breaking Bad

Bill Burr doesn’t have the biggest of roles within Breaking Bad, portraying Patrick Kuby. He’s quite a comedic character who is hired by Saul Goodman to take on a variety of roles, which he often does alongside Huell, with the two forming a great bromance.

Burr has a huge net worth of $12 million, and his stand-up comedy is a big part of that. He co-founded the All Things Comedy network, which helped to build his legacy, while he has also wowed audiences within The Mandalorian as well. He also hosts his own podcast, Monday Morning Podcast.

Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman) Net Worth – $16 Million

Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad

Odenkirk was already a known name for anyone who loved sketch comedy and watched his HBO series, Mr. Show, with Bob and David, which he co-created alongside his friend David Cross. He was also a talented writer for some of the biggest shows on television, including Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

So, it comes as no surprise that Odenkirk’s net worth is in the top three. He continues to play the sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman on the prequel spin-off series Better Call Saul, which is centered around his character’s backstory. The franchise has opened doors for Odenkirk, who has proven his talents as an actor, leading to roles in Nebraska, Fargo, The Post, Incredibles 2, and Little Women. Chances are, once Better Call Saul comes to an end, it won’t be the last fans see of Odenkirk.

Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) Net Worth – $20 Million

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad

It’s well-known that the character of Jesse Pinkman, the young high school dropout Walt approaches for help to get his drug business off the ground, was supposed to die in the first season of the series. But the chemistry between Paul and veteran actor Bryan Cranston was too good to ignore.

Aaron Paul’s net worth reflects his status a bona fide superstar. He has gone on to star in a variety of movies, including the sequel spin-off El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Need for Speed, and Central Intelligence. He voiced a main character on the popular Netflix animated series BoJack Horseman and starred in a variety of other series, from The Path to Apple TV+’s Truth Be Told and HBO’s Westworld.

Bryan Cranston (Walter White) Net Worth – $40 Million

Walter White looking serious in Breaking Bad

Considering Cranston made Walter White one of the most formidable villains on television, and the one that fans puzzlingly both sympathized with and hated, it’s a given that his net worth would be highest. Cranston was also a successful actor long before Breaking Bad. His most notable character was that of the goofy dad Hal on the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle.

Since Breaking Bad ended, Cranston has been sought after for a variety of movie roles. He has starred in many, including Trumbo, The Disaster Artist, Isle of Dogs, and The One and Only Ivan. In addition to acting, Cranston, who is known as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, also works as a director, producer, and screenwriter.

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