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Breaking Bad: 5 Times Fans Correctly Predicted What Would Happen

With Breaking Bad, every fan had erratically different ideas about what would happen. Sometimes they were spot on, sometimes they were wrong.

With each episode of WandaVision ending on a cliffhanger and being released on a weekly basis, it leaves fans speculating for a full seven days before they find out what happens. That might seem new to the younger audience, as they’re so used to full seasons being uploaded at once in the streaming era, but this was the norm not 10 years ago.

The best example of this was Breaking Bad, as every fan had erratically different ideas about what would happen to Walter White, the most villainous character of the show. When the very final episodes of Breaking Bad were being aired back in 2013, every fan had their very own theory on what was around the corner, and some were fairly on point, but others were completely out-of-this-world crazy.

Predicted Correctly: The Mid Season Cliff Hanger

Hank realizes Walt is Heisenberg in Breaking Bad

As there was a full year between the first eight episodes of season five and the final eight, it was almost like torture for the fans. Though most fans of the show were expecting a massive cliffhanger, nobody really knew exactly what it was going to be.

But one person predicted it correctly. Ryan Bird got this one right, as he believed that episode eight of the season would end with Hank finding out the true identity of Heisenberg, which is one of the reasons the final season was perfect.

Way Off: Walt Goes To Jail

Gliding Over All prison

Entertainment Weekly had a whole slew of predictions, and one of the wildest of them all was that Walt doesn’t die or become the king of an empire, which tended to be the two different camps on the internet. Instead, EW believed that Walt could very well end up in jail.

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Though that doesn’t sound completely satisfying, given all of the crimes Walt has committed, it would have been a joy to watch a few episodes based in a courtroom, as witnesses like Old Joe are called to the witness stand. And it would have been great to see how Walt handles jail too.

Predicted Correctly: Hank & Gomez Die In A Shoot-Out Against The Nazis

Todd and Uncle Jack on Breaking Bad

It’s almost as if Paste had some insider information as they perfectly predicted that Hank and Gomez die, but it doesn’t stop there.

The site accurately mentioned that they die almost at the same time, as it comes down to a shootout between the two of them and the neo-Nazis. The scene is one of the times the show makes viewers nervous when rewatching, and what follows is one the most upsetting scenes too.

Way Off: Skyler & Walt Jr. Get Brutally Murdered

Saul advises Walter Jr to call him if he ever gets in trouble in Breaking Bad

One theory from a Redditor that was way off described how a couple of the Whites wouldn’t make it to the end. Ironically, Skyler and Walt Jr. are two of the most innocent characters on the show, and having them whacked off would have been unnecessary.

The theory goes that Uncle Jack and his gang of neo-Nazis storm the residence and murder the mother and son, but Holly is left unharmed. The whole world would have been up in arms if Walt Jr. was killed off, but it probably would have spawned some hilarious breakfast memes.

Predicted Correctly: Walt’s Guilt Overwhelms Him

Breaking Bad Best Finales Walter White

Digital Spy got this right, and just as the website’s name suggests, they did a bit of clever detective work to deduce that Walt’s guilt would overwhelm him. The theory was all based on the cast line-up for “Ozymandias,” which saw the return of Mike, Gale, and Jane, all of which Walt is responsible for the deaths of.

And at the end of the day, everything was wrapped up perfectly, as Walt tried to redeem himself by saving Jesse. But whether he did redeem himself or not is another matter entirely.

Way Off: Walt Uses The Ricin On Himself

Walter White holding ricin from Breaking Bad

Back in 2013, the internet was littered with people arguing over the biggest question of them all, whether Walt would die or survive. But people went even deeper by theorizing exactly how Walt would die, whether it was getting murdered or the cancer finally hitting him.

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Buzzfeed made some outlandish claims, and the biggest one of all was how Walt would die. As the ricin hidden behind the plug socket in the White residence was clearly waiting to be used on someone, Buzzfeed thought he’d use it on himself.

Predicted Correctly: Gus Is Murdered In “Face Off”

Gus Fring from Breaking Bad right before death.

Collider accurately predicted that Gus would die in the season four finale “Face Off,” which was one of the most satisfying deaths in the show. And though it seems obvious looking back at it now, back when it was being aired for the first time, it seemed like Gus was in it for the long haul and destined to be a bitter rival of Walter until the very end.

However, the website didn’t predict exactly how he would die or that half of his face would be blown off, even though the clue was in the title of the episode.

Way Off: Season 5’s Villains Will Be From Mexico

Breaking Bad Felina Jack and Todd in Clubhouse

With Reddit being a whole realm of predictions and stirring pots, one user predicted that the next big-bad after Gus would be from Mexico, whether it was an ally of Gus or a competitor, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

All the different crime syndicates are one of the reasons Breaking Bad has the best criminal underworld on TV, but any criminals from Mexico took a backseat in the final season. Instead, season five’s villain was Heisenberg himself, along with the neo-Nazis in the second half of the season.

Predicted Correctly: Walt Poisons Brock

Breaking Bad Lily of the Valley

Collider was right on the money with many of their predictions, as not only were they right about Gus’ final moments, but they got this right too, to a very specific degree no less.

Even when Jesse was accusing Walt of poisoning Brock, he thought it was the ricin, not the Lily of the Valley plant, which is what it ended up being in the end. Collider called this down to a tee, and it was one of the few that caught out the gun pointing at the plant pot in the previous episode.

Way Off: It’s A Prequel To Malcolm In The Middle

Bryan Cranston Malcolm in the Middle Breaking Bad

There are a lot of similarities between the two shows, and as Bryan Cranston stars in both as a similar character – a down on his luck working-class father – the internet was abound with theories that the two shows were related. And though if that actually happened it would have made a mockery of the entire five seasons of Breaking Bad, everyone secretly wanted it to happen.

The common theory goes that after everything that happened in Breaking Bad, Walt gets put into witness protection, takes on the new alias of Hal, and starts a new family. The theories were even starting to get serious when Jane Kaczmarek, who plays Lois in Malcolm, was spotted on the set of Breaking Bad, but she was just paying her old friend a visit.

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